The first one translated it as “Dad. Dramabeans didn’t ad the autistic bit, they translated it as little but other recappers have and so have some subbers. A little disappointed in this particular development in the drama and I hope they don’t go deep into that half-sibling territory like so many shows in the past have done. I swear after I saw the preview I had to leave my office and take a quick walk outdoors. The kiss in the starting of this episode is the best kdrama kiss i’ve ever seen Newer Post Older Post Home. Just don’t hurt him badly. They literally have something 4 times more tastebuds.

There’s a hint of rivalry between Chi Soo and him, but Kang Hyuk’s caring nature just gets rid of it. How satisfying is it to have a heroine not take crap from the hero. The suggested birth secret was quite a surprise to me. KH gets the girl, and CS learns to cook! I guessed at a lot of the conversations, but was curious how EB was explaining to CCS why they couldn’t be together not just because of the age difference but because of how different their worlds are. I think being Eunbi’s guardian was one of his goals, but the other goal was to find Chi Soo. Hopefully the rest of their self-proclaimed pretty boy dramas can measure up. I wonder if they understand the true high caliber of stuff they have with this drama?

Okay, perhaps, I have a bit of a perverted imagination.


I can imagine your frustration! As a parting repartee, he comments that she looks pretty today and dgamacrazy. And KH and matching taste buds is kinda interesting.

Thanks for putting this up so fast. Not my star crushes.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 2 English Sub

Apa pain or Appa dad correct me if I’m wrong tho. I guess with all these drama chaebols that alone is no longer enough to distinguish the main lead: JB, I surprised that you didn’t see the half brother thing developing. Argh, what can I say? It’s like he’s bowing out because the writer needs him ramyunn rather than because he’s responding to what’s actually going on.

I love KH more and more as each episode unfolds.

I think they’re full-blood brothers! Also, Baker King-the second lead guy got the girl as well. Half- brothers, or actual brothers?

They don’t show those pictures for nothing. They just seem like the right match, and to boot the man is a MAN. I think their mum left with him because Cha daddy can’t have an autistic heir.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Episode 11 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

How like him to only believe it when the Doc says so. He thinks she means the word shinhwa legendnot the pop idols, and she asks if he knows deceased singer Kim Kwang-seok.

I’m starting to get impatient with Chi Soo – he needs to epispde up and soon, otherwise I’m jumping ship. A supertaster is a person who experiences the sense of taste with far greater intensity than average. Now that kind of twist, I find satisfying. Lee Chung Ah Main Cast.


So they’re definitely not twins. And I kinda like the whole true calling thing roo.

How satisfying is it to have a heroine not take crap from the hero. This site uses cookies.

Flower boy ramyun shop episode 2 english sub

I assume he doesn’t have this kind of disorder I reacted strongly against the maybe-or-maybe-not-half-brothers plot too. Watching JIW go through all of this with the mouth and the face and the hands and the ears is sheer torture! Lots of funny lines, but still one of my favorite K-drama moments: This series is so addicting.

Eun-bi, meanwhile, is back to her Post-Its of Confusion, wondering how Kang-hyuk could so easily give up on her. My heart totally melted.

Episodes by LollyPip. Is that the latest fad in Korea? When Eun Bi asks Kang Hyuk whether he’s a ’93 or an ’81 he says ’93 in surprise then asks her in amazement if he really looks like he could be a ‘