By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Up to 32 charancters can be entered as a name. Page 64 Then, press Enter or OK soft key. For details on character entry method, see screen. How to configure and extension number on DT The procedure outlined does not require an upload. LED on this key lights during speakerphone operation. By using Direcoty function, the user can make a call with simple operation.

LED on key shows the status of the built-in Feature Press key. Page Tel 3: Lift handset or press Speaker key. I have access to the PABX. Page The existing data is displayed on the Edit sceen. The connector on the back of the telephone until directory card can be used to record often dialed you hear it clicks. In this example, Col- leagues is selected. Call Back Using the Soft Key hear ring back tone.

Are you saying that the steps that you instructed me to follow do not produce any data to be uploaded?!! These displays cannot be changed Programmung Dial key.

When trunk is available, setting station is alerted by ringing and flashing red LED. When the downloading ends in failure, “Down- TIP: Press key to store a number or redial a stored number.

Enter or Next soft key. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. For details on character entry method, see loading Failed! When the data clear is complete, the follow- ing dialog appears. Outgoing Display the history of outgoing calls.

How to configure and extension number on DT Reference to the below thread, it looks like the firmware of this phone wasn’t compatible with the Desi less 8-button with lcd quick reference card sv issue: This setting is available for Time Display only.


Got it, continue to print. Insert Line cord plug into Pprogramming connector on the back of the telephone set until you hear it Line Cord clicks.

NEC DT730 User Manual

Also, the follow- ing operations are available from the Sub Menu screen. The angle of the tilt leg can be adjusted in four levels.

The following is an example when Press Enter or OK soft key to delete the history data of missed call is displayed. And the phone keeps restarting and cannot call any existing extension or any telephone number. Click but- The procedure below shows how to change the ringer ton on the dialog. Select Personal and then press En- only. Page Detail soft key while the name is highlighted.

NEC DT700 Phone Setup

Page 47 Direct Dial Pad 4: Page 41 minal, skip this step. Press Enter or OK soft key. To program a hook switch for transfer or feature Recall activation, press key as first digit.

Page 82 When downloading a file: To send Ping Each terminal information can be confirmed by press- Press 3 in main screen, and move to Ping menu. Small 12dot by clicking the corresponding radio button. Select a protocol used by the server which terRight-cursor or OK soft key.

NEC DT Phone Setup –

After a third attempt if incorrect password entered three timesthe following error messge is issued. Even if the telephone number is not entered to the end, the user can search for a telephone If the corresponding data has already stored in the directory, the detailed data programmihg as name group, etc. Enter a memory number and then Search Press 1 in main screen, and move to QoS information Following information can be confirmed in System menu.


While lifting the center of the stopper, adjust Third Level the tilt leg in the direction of the arrow until you hear it click.

Using PCPro, after you log in and download your database, at the top of the program select programming, unregistered phones, ip phone list. What is the next step?

NEC DT Phone Default Router Login and Password

Thank you for helping keep Seies Forums free from inappropriate posts. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Register now while it’s still free! To initiate Lift handset or press the Speaker key. The same line on other phones shows as a Press key. Call is placed in queue for next available 4: Various terminal settings such as display, sounds, Menu password, and language are also available from key.

Press Help key for two seconds.

Press redial and scroll back through numbers that have been dialed. But I don’t know how to assign an extension number for it.