Tell me about the TV show you had. From there, both Mads and I were invited to shoot with Standard Films. We decided that for our careers, it was better to do something of our own rather than being part of something else. Well, the thing was me and Heikki were supposed to start filming for People. But for this movie, I knew it was going to be my last video part and I was making a movie around it, so for sure I would put my whole energy and motivation behind it. Sam climbing up to a proper handplant. So we made a little crew on the hill and would just always ride together, maybe six- to seven days a week. The White Room Travis Rice:

Increasingly elaborate nighttime urban sessions have become an Ettala hallmark in recent years. That lit the spark. I was in between making it work with the shitty knee again, going through the season for a couple more shots or going straight into surgery. Torgeir sending a steezy ollie on the last riding day of our trip. Just maybe without JP Walker crying. It was always some cheerful music and funny shots mixed into banger action. Full Movies Master Bay Table: Jukka, the same guy who edited that, directed and edited mine.

How did that get started and how do you feel like those years went? Svalbard has always been a dream destination for me to see and now being able to go there with my fellow Nitro riders and ride ero abandoned Russian mining town called Pyramiden was more than I could have ever imagined. Eero has nearly done it all. So it was pretty loose.

No, I never really took a year off. Rero sure that you follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more stories! Looking back at Follow Me Around, every trick in the video brings out different memories.

I was only on my board for a month and a half before I tore it again. I was randomly going someplace and snowboarding without thinking if I had a trick already or putting too much work or thought into it. As we talked before, we can get you guys some exclusive footage to put out on Onboard. Consummate pro Eero Ettala films for four separate projects in one day at the park in Nesselwang, Germany.


He was the one that invited me to the summer camp where I was hooked up with Nitro and he used to be a pro for Burton. I think everyone influenced each other.

Now there are a ton of clips on YouTube or popping up on your Ettala feed; you see all of these new styles and tricks every day then stress about needing to learn something. Some of these cookies are essential, while others help us to improve the your experience by providing insights into how the site is being used. His drive, determination, and vision have made him one of the best riders of all time, and he’s not holding anything back in ero final, career-defining film.

I think that says a lot about you and Nitro, especially when you look at how many companies still have pro models. Heavy front board transfer in Helsinki. I keep doing the same thing over and over, trying to step myself up. If one of us would learn a trick, everyone eerk would learn ettqla the same day. In those years you started to see them more, but it was still pretty new to Finland.

Growing up watching all of their movies, Jussi Oksanen gave me the spark and understanding of how much work it takes.

To me gets a little bit boring after a while. On the boat heading back to Longyearbyen after an successful trip to Pyramiden in Svalbard.

Crazy what harsh weather and conditions can do in less than 20 years. Check out raw footage from the streets of Finland with Eero Ettala and others as they hit some urban features. Now he skates bowls and shoots photos. He really wanted to get a job that he could concentrate on for a year straight, instead of doing something for two weeks and then have something else to do for the next two.

Do you think there will be a revival of secretive footage again? I had filmed with Standard for two years, then I got on Mack Dawg. In Pyramiden its a must to carry a riffle with in your crew incase you end up crossing paths with a polar bear.


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It got me thinking. It gives us more freedom to go somewhere and shoot a photo, rather than having it be a great video shot.

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That lit the spark. Photo above and portrait by Silvano Zeiter. The Powder 28 Winters: You would watch the movies then just try to take that trick and form it into something with a little tweak to make it your own. If someone would learn a trick everyone else would learn it the same day.

Webisodes are like the easy way out. With skills and style honed on the hot-lap Nirvana of Talma, he exploded onto the scene as a young rookie with an improbable ability to effortlessly marry big spins etyala solid style at a time when this was still a rarity, and a rail game that seemed to get movke intense every time he pumped out of the drop-in. Snowboard Park 28 Winters: Any other tetala around it? For Eero, this past season marked a point in his time as a professional snowboarder when he decided it was time to think about the present, as each passing day added another variable for the future.

Swiss snowboarding legend Markus Keller seamlessly adapts his style from the streets to backcountry mountains. We were some of the first guys putting out A-grade footage in a webisode two weeks after we filmed it. Big old metal sign in the heart of the city and Torgeir Bergrem blasting a meanstale over it.

Eero Ettala

They got me into this big European movie called Primeval. Eero Ettala and Marcus Kleveland pop the cork on some top-shelf champagne powder in Asahidake, Japan. Pyramiden has been abandoned since and some of the buildings in the city look like this.

It was weird putting everything out right away.