Written and directed by john daniels, jr. Producer Denton Yockey snagged the pre-Broadway tryout of this latest movie into musical project. Sword of Damocles-Rocky Horror. And thanks to all the Burgers who dressed up and made us smile!! Designed and renovated a practical working performance space from a historic building Playhouse Smithville. Janet Wise 5 years ago. Upcoming Shows It is that time of year again! Wise up Janet Weiss swcp Amy Germann 7 years ago.

I played Brad in a production of Rocky Horror Show. Jillian Mueller looked and sang great as Alex, bringing back all of the old Jennifer Beal moves and costume changes. Rocky Horror The Sword of Damocles is hanging over my head And I’ve got the feeling someone’s gonna be cutting the thread Oh, woe is me My life is a misery Oh, can’t you see That I’m at the start of a pretty big downer I woke up this morning with a start when I fell out of bed Chorus That ain’t no crime Rocky Horror And left from my dreaming was a feeling of unnameable dread Chorus That ain’t no crime Rocky Horror My high is low I’m dressed up with no place to go And all I know Is I’m at the start of a pretty big downer Dr. Writer, Producer, Director and Co-editor. Klance has currently been my life so RIP Have the Royals Given Up? Then the film took a violent turn, and Meatloaf, as Brandy said, became hamburger. I can always rely on Steven Eubank to direct a great production and this time was one of his best.

Flinging Fractured Fairytales Written and directed by john daniels, jr. I carried them and our baggie of props — assembled and sold by the theater for a totally-worth-it five bucks — to our seats. Disgracefully Yours July The baggie included rice, a rubber glove, a noisemaker, confetti, a page of newspaper, even a water gun egads! And I’ve got a lot more shows to see and states to visit.


Sword Of Damocles – Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sword of Damoclese- Original Roxy Cast. Chixxx from Hel by john daniels, jr. Peter Pan Written and directed by john daniels, jr. Please Me flac Bruno Mars. And right when I thought those two would never make it out of there alive, Meatloaf showed up.

Planet, Schmanet, Janet, sung by John Stamos.

Home Contact us Glazer: Either way, I was a kid and my dad was sawing logs in the seat beside me. You can now see those on the review pages for those shows. There are no spoilers here. I hope you enjoy and look forward to adding many more shows! Eubank Productions October All roles in theatre belong to the actor who’s energy aligns with it. So, keep your eyes pealed and we’ll have some new goodies for you. I was immediately recognized as a first-timer by this gal….

This is the 19th Annual Production of the Rocky Horror Notify me of new comments via email. Founded theater in Residential Treatment Center for emotionally disturbed teenage boys. Production credits were first rate— that set did just about everything but turn into a helicopter and fly away.

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Des Moines September May 9 – 31,7: Film can be used to reveal ourselves to each other. Vaudeville Tonight by john daniels, jr. In July of I was lucky enough to see a production of the stage show here in Kansas City. Playhouse Smithville, October6 Performances. Rosenberg Directed by john daniels, jr. RU-clip, it’d be pretty damn amazing if you didn’t take my video off RU-clip. Matthew Hydzik made a great b. Klance has currently been my life so RIP First, the Magenta competition.


The rest of the sodden crew deserves a medal for getting through all of the audience potshots with an anything-but-straight face.

Working with untrained actors. Quite another to plie and break dance in 95 degree heat.

I thought there’s no use Rocky Horror Picture Show Starring: Something Strange flac Haley Reinhart. So that being said this site is almost ready for re-launching! Abominable Snowman by john daniels, jr.

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No Sleep flac Bonn. The Vegatrian Vampire and the Valley Girl Eubank Productions July The Sword of Damocles. Written content by Katie Mitchell.

Minds Eye October Playhouse Smithville, December5 Performances jdj’s Dracula by john daniels, jr. Roles in over productions.