If you were here right now, you could see on both of our faces that we’re freaking happy. I guess some people are like, “Hey, I didn’t follow you for this political stuff. We want to hang out with them. They’re just honestly really f-ing cool. If you could speak directly to the Japanese government, what would you say to them about the horrific atrocities they are allowing against these beautiful and peaceful marine animals? Emblem3’s BandLife Tour will be stopping in 24 U.

My eight-year-old daughter is dealing with being bullied at school. We are driving down Highway 99 on our way to the Sequoia National Park. You need to get your butt over here to the west coast! What’s going on, Debbie? We are so excited. Renowned For Sound Music Reviews Another huge issue for kids in our society today is bullying. I handle a lot of the social media for PopEntertainment.

Me and Wes here just kicking it in his car.

We are so excited. I just had recently posted a bunch of things, like one after the other about political stuff and all the stuff that’s been happening.

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SycoColumbiaMr. Me and the guys just finished recording a song that we’ve been working with the label on.

Campbell said the album largely contained filler tracks, and stated that the album was at times “mundane”; particularly the milds “Teenage 300, “I Love LA”, and “Sunset Blvd”, which milles described as “aggressively bad”.


Claire announced the release of the album last week and dropped first The second single from the album, ” miles”, impacted Top 40 radio on October 15, Emblem3 found fame during the second season of The X Factorand after placing fourth overall, the group was signed to Columbia Records and Simon Cowell’s record label Syco Music. However, Sciarreto said the album was the equivalent “to a large cup of Pinkberry frozen yogurt “, and noted that their “cheesy raps” often fell flat comparing their rap verses to Karminand stated that Emblem3 was “about as edgy as a circle “.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Since we’re bringing our best 3000, we’re basically going to party the whole time. And she says she does not mean that in a dirty way. January 24, 20 So I’ll just say they are really f-ing cool. Claire announced the release of the album last week and dropped first In the chorus, the boys sing in harmony with one another, showcasing the strength of their vocals.

There’s this new generation called the Generation of Awareness with kids from my age down to 12 or Emblem3’s ‘Nothing’ has a little something going for it”.

This page was last edited on 1 Novemberat We’re like best friends with our fans and we love them. Nothing to Lose has received mixed reviews from music critics.

Emblem3: Radio Appearance & ‘3000 Miles’ Video Premiere!

Nonetheless, this is quite an achievement by Emblem3 being only exposed to the world since last year. He’s going to weigh us every day and have us on a really good, healthy, organic diet. I sat back yesterday morning, frustrated and almost in tears.


The relevance of this song reflects upon their experiences and in the music video, it shows different video clips of the band members that were mainly showing memories from their childhood.

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Emblem3 Has ‘Nothing To Lose ‘ “. We’re going to film everything and remember the first tour for the rest of our lives. But really, we’re looking forward to all of the cities because our fans are there.

Are there any towns that you are really looking forward to visiting along the tour?

They’re just honestly really f-ing cool. I don’t know where to begin. It’s just wild though!

We also have our gym trainer coming out on the road too. If you were here right now, you could see on both of our faces that we’re freaking happy.

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