Se-ho and Cao Lu shop together to decorate their extra room. Min-suk and Ye-won go on a dinner date. Jung-in’s mother visits Jung-in and Jung-chi. Jang Woo-young and Se-young promote their song. Sungjae and Joy record their couple song music video. Each couple is given a concept to portray; in Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji’s case, a college couple living with a limited income. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: Kwak Si-yang and Kim So-yeon meet for the first time.

Sungjae and Joy arrive in Hainan for their trip. Kshow will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark us for update. Jong-hyun and Seung-yeon continue their meeting with Seung-yeon’s father. Jinwoon and Joon-hee continue their honeymoon in Japan. Henry and Ye-won spend time together in their new home. Yoonhan and So-yeon also try making pottery.

Hwang Kwang-hee and Han Sun-hwa ‘s new years wishing bell. Jae-rim and So-eun have their wedding ceremony.

Jae-rim and So-eun go to Seoul to practice kendo and then go shopping.

Jinwoon and Joon-hee start gardening. Hwang Kwang-hee and Han Sun-hwa take care of chicken. Jang Woo-young and Se-young have a barbecue as their housewarming party. Min-suk and Ye-won pass out rice cakes then visit a salon and Ye-won’s new art studio. Hwang Kwang-hee’s parents come visit.

Sungjae and Joy continue their trip in Hainan. Jung-in and Jung-chi start setting up their new home. Yoonhan and So-yeon record a duet song. Jong-hyun and Yura go ice skating.


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Yoonhan and So-yeon have a date in Hongdae. Lee Tae-min and Na-eun’s traditional wedding continues. Min-young and Do-yeon starts their island village married life. Jong-hyun and Yura try out couples yoga. Myung and Hye-sung goe to Myung’s old neighborhood. Knowing Brother Episode will air on 23h00 Saturday, Mar 02, They receive a mission to have a wedding reception with their friends. wngsub

We Got Married Ep Eng Sub

Guk-joo and Sleepy go on a winter trip. Yoonhan and So-yeon check their skin condition, receive massages and learn how to dance the tango. WGM season 4 episodeaired on April 30, Min-suk and Ye-won go on a dinner date. All couples participate in a calendar photoshoot challenge in order to celebrate the th episode since the show separated from the Sunday Sunday Night program.

WGM season 4 episodeaired on January 2, This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Tae-joon and Bo-mi decorate their new apartment. Jong-hyun and Yura celebrate the Lunar New Year. Joon-young and Yu-mi go on a trip to Jeju Island.

Jong-hyun and Yura go on a trip to Bali. WGM season 4 episodeaired on March 19, Jong-hyun and Seung-yeon continue spending time together in Japan.


Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. We Got Married South Korean television seasons.

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Articles with Korean-language external links Articles containing Korean-language text. Lee Joon and Oh Yeon-seo plant vegetables and establish ground rules.

Happy Together 3 Hangul: Min-suk and Ye-won visit the recording studio to record their song. Jin-young joins Min at his drama’s set to film a cameo. Eric and Elisode have their first date to see cherry blossoms. The results of the cooking competition are revealed.

We Got Married

Jong-hyun and Yura have their wedding photoshoot. Min-suk and Ye-won celebrates Yomy’s birthday. Eric and Solar teach each other English and Korean.

Format With a new format and slightly different couples, newlyweds are given a mission to complete each week. Min-suk and Ye-won have a date inside of a mmarried. Lee Tae-min and Na-eun open up a joint bank account and visit an amusement park. Erin and Solar’s trip in Dubai concludes.