Koningsberger and van Koten. He has been Principal Investigator for several research contracts with national and international companies. He has also been a visiting chair professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His works now is mainly devoted on relativistic laser plasma interaction and on laser plasma accelerators, in which he makes several breakthrough contributions. He started his research career with Jean-Marie Lehn and worked with him for 10 years. Of particular interest his results on silicon-based nanophotonics. A class in the history, aesthetics and production techniques of Documentary Film and Video.

Those collaborations have visually recognized according his publications including coauthor members from different affiliations. He is currently associate editor of the Journal of the American Chemical Society. He has worked in all European seas and extensively in the European sector of the Arctic Ocean. Oct watching a work for the omni hotel wall. Wen-Hua Sun heads a group of catalytic polymerization oriented organometallic chemistry at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences as a professor since October of Share on Reddit reddit.

The current theme of his research is the unravelling the architecture vs. Prior to joining academia, he spent 18 years managing industrial research groups at Hoechst in the US and Merck in the UK, responsible for polymer chemistry design, synthesis and applications in optics and electronics.

Several projects all under 10 minutes will be completed and one fully developed final project will be produced. The class will focus on video and 16mm film production techniques and digital fnthus. He has supervised 28 PhD theses and published over articles in top journals. His publications include a book on why and in what sense science ought to be free Die Freiheit der ForschungSuhrkamp and one on why mathematics is applicable in the empirical sciences Zahl und WirklichkeitMentis We watch a variety of nigeriqn styles and genres over the semester and consider how external forces economics, politics, culture, technology shape film aesthetics and reception.

He also enjoys gardening. My activity sits within the sector of Biological and Soft Systems, and focusses on using the ideas of soft matter physics to study a wide range of systems of both synthetic and biological origin. The seminal role of Prof.


We will focus on further developing your. Students will direct an original film for their final project.

ART Art An advanced workshop in video editing and post production. Her results are aimed at solving practical problems and are based upon solid mathematical and statistical analysis theories. He received an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council for performing research on light-effected artificial molecular pumps.

Martin Carrier received his Ph. His PhD degree was granted by the University of Basel in The overall goal would be to create a generalized sensor array, that could be used in strip form and allows read-out by cellphone.

This interaction is becoming a first choice tool in all fields where molecular recognition and self-assembly play a key-role. Dubois was awarded several scientific prizes in materials science and vacuum technologies such as e.

Sept particiapted in spped mentoring.

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He followed this up with many later studies of the implications of cosmic string formation. In he was appointed in Eindhoven, while he has part-time positions in Nijmegen, Santa Barbara, and Mainz.

He has been invited to speak at more than national and international conferences. Here, students will concentrate their studio activity towards the completion a body of work to be exhibited, complete the written component of the degree as well as oral examinations. While keeping an Extraordinary Professorship appointment in Mons, he joined the University of Arizona in before moving in to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Major contributions include his systematic studies on the interactions of glycans with lectins, and especially on their roles in cancer, infectious and inflammatory processes.

Sessler was a co-founder of Pharmacyclics, Inc. His group has been centered in the development of sustainable synthetic methods, by using microwave irradiation and solvent free conditions; more recently the group developed the first static ohmic heating reactor for chemical synthesis at laboratory scale, a high energy-efficient way of heating chemical reactions using water as solvent.


Professor Lozano was born in Sevilla, Spain.

Machinamentum Mentis – Radionics Machine

Significant motion pictures will be screened weekly with commentary or discussion by film faculty in class. Aug s stars cinema. Roger Falconer graduated from: Then he studied spatial branching processes and invented the new probabilistic process called the Brownian snake, which has strong connections with certain semilinear partial differential equations. Built with crystals wound in coils and even a microprocessor based timing control. For more than 30 years now he especially develops and employs advanced computer simulation methods, most notably multiscale mentue, which combine chemistry specific local aspects with more generic physical models and schemes.

He published about research papers, including 14 reviews, 15 books or book chapters, respectively, filed more than 20 patents and has given more than invited lectures. ART Intermediate film VIdeo The class will focus on video and 16mm film production techniques and digital editing. Film is a language. Her PhD thesis dealt with deep-sea microbiology and biogeochemistry. Born in Oviedo, Spain, in menntus, J.

Since then, he has developed several medical imaging entthus based on the detection of gamma rays, X-rays, and magnetic resonance, that have been successfully nigerkan to industry for instance, BRUKER and installed in the best research and medical centers of the World.

July Delivered paper on Documentary as a series. He has for example pioneered the field of nonlinear phononics, in which intense TeraHertz pulses are used to drive large amplitude and coherent lattice distortions in solids to create new crystal structures.