Return to the front of the train station. Push the ball to the right. Have Oswald use his Remote, and ride the platform to the right. Take a photo of the grate. When given the choice to paint or thin the wall showing half a treasure chest, paint it in to receive this pin. So, I chose only a statue of Oswald to begin with.

Arrive in Bog Easy and speak with the station manager The Bog Easy station needs to have a new power source placed on its power pad. Arrive in Disney Gulch for the first time, then make it to the exit. Don’t stand on the stone grave, because the Skeleton will jump into it. The directions given will correspond to the directions based on the area map available in the pause menu. Climb up the rubble in the southwest to the roof, then make your way across the rubble toward the north corner. Continue up to the exit. Through subsequent playthroughs of the game, the missing information will be added. Push the ball to the right.

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Climb up the nests on the western wall to reach the upper path through the tree. Hit the switch to mickye the door. Watch out for Thinner geysers. December 1, at 7: It really is close to the beginning of the game — so you may have to go to an empty slot and start a “new game”.


Who needs ladders anyway? Inside is a Silver Pin. A Bronze Pin can be found in the chest after Thinning the toy soldier. It is only visible to you.

OsTown Pump Mission GLITCH NEED HELP

Paint the comet to the north. Double Jump over to the Anvil, then Double Jump over to the ledge. Thin the treetops to the west, then get a boost from Oswald to reach the first Official Picture Spot.

Event occurs at How much liquid do you still have in the broken area — can you see the brown osttown cover turnstile, so the pump maybe fell into its platform?

Head to the west, and up platforms to the top of the clock tower. Go to the left side to jump up to it.

Head north to collect a pearl inside a chest. Share directly to my status.

Jump into the grotto bellow the giant ax to reach a chest containing the Chop Chop Pin. Warren Spector Junction Point Studios.

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Paint it to make it friendly. Retrieved November 29, Jump back onto the rising platform to reach a chest at the top containing the Construction Shoes. Jump up near the tower to reach E-Tickets. Continue right down the path to reach Concept Art Drag the Fireworks to the lower level, and ignite them near the door by the Gremlin to reveal the entrance to the D. However, it will reveal a new nook that replenishes with 15 pieces of Scrap Metal, so it may be worth the initial expense.


You can get to the chest on the roof without having to micckey the Air Conditioner. Continue right until you reach the exit. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

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Paint the star to the north. This path costs E-Tickets to use. Jump northeast onto the taller tree. It’s up to Mickey and Oswald to find them, but there’s a choice involved – do things Goofy’s way, or do things Prescott’s way. Pins become available as you do certain things in the game.

Follow the brooms up the stairs. Walkthrough by KingDarian Version: Goofy would like to play it safe and put all three pumps in their standard spots.

If you have previously destroyed the Air Conditioner, prices will drop again. This item is incompatible with Disney Epic Mickey 2. Didn’t Know My Own Strength pin???