Ethopian Music – Addis Ababa Aha 5 years ago. Ali Nour 4 years ago. Season 2, Episode 2 1 year ago. Sandman Negus 4 years ago. He is a lawyer in his profession. It was a place where she learned to love and live with others. He had a big interest to be an actor when he was in high school and he became interested in acting.

She has been involving in 13 different feature films, 2 theaters, more than 10 radio and television serial dramas. Ethopian Music – Addis Ababa Aha 5 years ago. Ethiopian Tribal Song And Dance 5 years ago. In an interview in with Surafel G. During those times he mainly focused in acting and this undoubtedly give him an opportunity to closely study all the nuts and bolts of TV and Film production. Beautiful Ethiopian Women 4 years ago. Sandman Negus 4 years ago.

Mulualem has appeared in many plays, often working in several productions at the same time in any given week.

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Sayat Demissie – Hasbun Mesrek 5 years ago. Beautiful Ethiopian Women 4 years ago. Ethiopian Coffee Vs Saint George 4 years ago. There, Mulualem studied at J F Kennedy School for 7th grade where she excelled not only academically but also in many extra-curricular activities.

She remembers that year as one of uplifting freedom- she was able to be active in sports, played football, joined a music club, and for the parh time began acting in school plays, surprising all of her teachers with her talent.


He is a lawyer in his profession. MulualemTadesse MulualemTadesse is a highly respected and experienced stage, film and television actor, whose first career was on the stage, followed by many film and television roles.

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Sandman Negus 4 years ago. Raising her child on her own on the small salary she earned from the Theatre was a difficult task. Artist Solomon Teshome Paintings Video-2 4 years ago.

They moved to Addis Ababa for a year. Calcite Crushing Machine In Ethiopia 5 years ago. Masenqo Song With Translation 5 years ago. He wrote, directed and acted in his own TV serials: She was able to finish high school, travelling a long distance on ssw even when she was pregnant because she was so eager to learn.

Fed up with her life with her relative, she went to Metehara with him in the hope of of finishing deama. He had a big interest to be an actor when he was in high school and he became interested in acting. Asnake appears in all four seasons of the series as cunning, violent, and manipulative, consistently frightened by those around him. Ali Nour 4 years ago.

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In later years he gradually begin writing for the television and his pieces were broad ethiofube over the Addis Ababa TV station channel 2. She spent the following three years with some distant relatives.


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Ethiopia Reads Fundraising Event – Amharic version 5 years ago. Working at the Theatre meant she would have move to Addis Ababa permanently, though her husband wanted her to stay in Metahara.

He has been playing well the famous character Asnake, who is very cruel, corrupted and a person that can make ever thing possible by the help of his money and connection. Episode 8 – Imagine Ethiopia 5 years ago. ls

Solomon plays the role of Beruk, a sensitive, brilliant, meek young man. Germany 4 Canada 0 – Group B 4 years ago. Eritrean Funny Drama 5 years ago. Ethiopia’s Lallibela Town Demistified 5 years ago. Login Forgot your password? While there, they were married and had a child. Ethiopian Videos Popular videos.

Samsung Corporate Social Responsibility: He discovered his talent while he was working for Addis Ababa city mass Media Agency some ten oart back. Sd 4 years ago.

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Organizational Profile Sparks Film Production is a profit-based organization involved in film and entertainment industry. Asnake will stop at nothing to ethiotune what he wants and lets nothing stand in his way.

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