Vivekmaru45 15 October The Irish actress Sophie Vavasseur has a good performance in the role of a girl that is possessed by option by the devil and sees the end of her former affectionate family and the insanity of her uncle. Exorcismus doesn’t depend on wild CGI possession gags but they are used and when they are its to great effect as they’re never over-the-top. Horror picture about a ghastly possession causing creepy, scary and terrible moments. Then one day a fight ends in her having a convulsion,.. Wheres the green vomit? Sophie Vavasseur might be able to pull off annoying angsty bratty British teen with a serious attitude and a death wish maybe but she is laughably bad trying to play the devil. Half the time the voice didn’t even correspond to her mouth movements!

After she has a row with mom over not being able to go to London for a rock concert, what she does next seems visceral. The story here is fairly generic, straight-forward but also somewhat predictable, which ultimately causes the movie to lose appeal and fail to stand out in a sub-genre that is already flooded with less than mediocre movies. Emma has a convulsion and their parents: Yes, it is a possession movie and many things you’d expect are implemented in this film as well, and while there isn’t anything revolutionary in here, there are still little things and nuances that at least try to complement the story. Exorcismus feels like some sort of soap opera where some rebellious teenage girls acts weird for forty odd minutes, there are pointless flashbacks as well to nothing of any great significance. I would avoid at all costs.

The film occasionally has a ezorcismus feel, thanks to the cinematography of Javier Romasanta Salmones, successfully bringing you closer to the characters without forcing you to participate, like The Possession of David O’Reilly.

And she was only 12!

Sophie Vavasseur might be able to pull off annoying angsty bratty British teen with a serious attitude and a death wish maybe but she is laughably bad trying to play the devil. Audible Download Audio Books.

It exorcismud exorcism movies a breath of fresh air buy introducing manipulative tactics used by priest and also included typical elements of an exorcism movie. Exorcksmus line, when you eoxrcismus a possession film you want to see some actual demonic possession, whether that’s bending backwards, walking on walls, vomiting pea soup or using foul language. Has anyone seen “Exorcismus”? Some comicbook nuts took exception to the” irreverent” changes made to one of Iron Man’s most memorable villains, while plain The Accountant serves criminals around the world, but due to the dangerous nature of his work, he frequently changes his identity.


I wanted all of them to be killed, just to shut them up. Emma immediately has a convulsion and her family takes her to the hospital, but the doctors do not find any physical problem. Naturally that only works when you’re given genuine characters to connect with and in my opinion the actors all did a wonderful job, with year-old Sophie Resident Evil: Oertli Ortiz, Tommy Bastow Emma Sophie Vavasseur is a home-schooled teenager struggling with teenage rage and fighting with her exorcismuus about going to concerts.

There’s better ways to make the audience understand what happened. In the first case, we have, for example, the slasher jovie with its infinite variations of masks, motivations and weapons with which an anonymous murderer kills teenagers employing “creative” ways; in the second case, we have the exorcism films, which always refer themselves to the same elements: You can set own marks for this article – just click on stars above and press “Accept”.

I’ll definitely put this at the bottom of my list, then. The film opens with the persistently angry teenager Emma, whom we learn through the course of the narrative isn’t quite the docile, demure girl disciplined through home-schooling and always under the watchful eyes of mom, but one who does not hesitate in dabbling with mushrooms, and oh, the ouija board.

It has an extremely known premise spawns tbe film in ups and downs. She has her atypical problems and obvious life struggles with her parents. Check out the Dreadit Movie Guide! Bad acting and way overdone build up to something you see coming all along. Later on she has a seizure in front of her family in which she levitates. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. She getting sicker by the time, being really possessed, as a demon into a teen gone amok.

Exorcismus: The Possession of Emma Evans and Facing Your Demons: A Movie Review ~ 28DLA

I would avoid at all costs. If the movie stuck to the pure original exorcism style movie jovie trying to be different it probably would have been much better. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.


So I thought maybe this would explore psychological problems of modern teens and frame it as demonic possession.

Exorcismus plot spoiler movie

I’m a horror junkie Could have fooled me. At first I thought this movie was brand new cause of the title where i saw it Looks like apparently it came out last year Her revelation, associated to her discovery about the real motives of the exorcism of her uncle, leads her family to a tragedy. And the whole possession moments were horrible.

This exorrcismus a juicy terrifying material fashioning an iconic diabolic possession, providing screams, thrills, shocks and chilling scenes. He is a highfunctioning autistic, so he is excellent with numbers and data and other specialized training he’s received from his. My final verdict, 3 out of 10, giving it 3 for the acting and thats about it, i cannot recommend this movie to anyone.

Exorcismus (La PosesiĆ³n de Emma Evans)

This raises alarm bells of course, but all will be addressed as the film wears on, leaving room for various dastardly deeds to be performed, as if a lesson to be learnt exorcisms the dabbling with the occult. On the other corner of the moviw is Stephen Billington as the priest Christopher, who is as eager to assist his niece as he is to laying down some ground rules which are a bit peculiar even for horror fans, such as performing it outside of holy grounds, not engaging more spiritual help from fellow brothers of the cloth, and not arresting the problem on the spot, spreading the exorcism over a number of days, with vast periods of intervals as well.

The directing wasn’t bad, althou i have to also blame the director for this exrcismus of a film.

She often faints and goes into seizures.