Meanwhile, Eun-soo remains in her dream-state. I love it when he stares at Eun Soo, you can see he is so enamored, fascinated, awed but yet perplexed by his feelings towards her, his eyes tells so much. Off to read later. What’s with this tension building up! Yoon Kyun Sang Supporting Cast. A free search site?

Such a tender episode. Jo Il-shin starts to ask if Gongmin will continue to harbor a monster like Young so Gongmin grabs him by the neck and orders Il-shin to never call Young that again. I do love DH as a villain. I know, hopefully this will force a love confession from Cy…hehehehe. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe He does not care to be a hero. But he’s so fine that I really don’t care.

In her dream, she was saving a little boy, so maybe that boy can be Young? Ki Won episdoe, saying that Deok Heung is at the palace.

신의 Faith (Korean Drama)

Also how can we forget the way they gossips about their daejang and Eun Soo? Advisor Jo is meeting with Deok-heung, and the king is currently alone.

Makes me feel good that I am not only the person going crazy about his love story. I want my happy ending She believes that Choi Young is alive because her traveling to modernity shows that modern Seoul caith still the same, nothing is changed.

But ahhh, it’s so satisfying to see those pieces fall into place, and with enough patience and gradual work, a complete picture is formed. What exactly does our General have in store, you wonderful woobie?


Faith: Episode 14 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I love those romantic moments too. That means Eum-ja, who arrives to confront him, flute versus sword. I like how he peeked at Eun Soo as she pulled up her pants to look at her knee scrape during Episode 3.

I already saw it! Eun-soo already has those memories, so she makes notes to herself knowing this diary will find her in eventually.

Dramscrazy swear, DH to me is much more fearsome than KC; he’s so smart and beautiful! Seabiscuit September 26, at 6: I wouldn’t have minded but she was really rude and ah, forget her and her atrocious perm.

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She had the most concerned expression he has ever seen on her face: It just happened last night. Spisode had to go back to Ep. Gahhh another episode full of funny lol the food part was hilarious, she was so serious too: Why is QIHM only 16 episode though?

The so romantic moments, it halts my breathing,lol! JB for your recap. My fav thing about Eunsoo and Choi Young is how honest they are with each other. Back in his room, Young looks around at the mess.

They are going up there as one of my all time fav.


The Great Doctor

There is none of this annoying push and pull with them and its great. His eyes hungry and pleading for her. It won’t be as good as eating it in the restaurant, but I know you’re still a bit allergic to crowds and, well, we can wait to do that next time. Is Young that much of a political burden to Gongmin? But there is something so dang flamboyant about Ki Chul that –well, it would appear I’ve developed a bit of an affection for him — and his villainous accessory.

신의 Faith (Korean Drama) – Che-Cheh

I would prefer a physical comeback such as knocking the prince in the head. He makes me love him, somehow. With all this build up, and watching him devour her with his eyes, I am afraid of the flood of emotions that follow the dam break.

We all know Eun Soo is the great doctor and she really did heal and shape Choi Young into the great warrior that we come to know today.