Wanne soompi Kiss video link at the end of the post. For goodness sakes, the directing. It finally registers with Young that this is not a joke. An eunuch comes to tell Eun-soo that there will be a wedding today. Happy to find another Faith lover. Ki Chul and Deok Heung figure that Eun-soo is lying to them and the door will open sooner than that. Faith has everything everyone could ask for: And Ki Chul, you gonna die in 4 years.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hi Aye, wow watched thrice in 3 days? Talk about killing two birds with one stone, huh? Love how this king and warrior can sit across each other comfortably like friends now. Episode 17 Eun-soo tosses in her bed. Reply Aneta Augustine May 3, at 9: He can die frozen or he can live on until he meet his eventual dead.

It buys them time and even if they have to fight their way out, that is something CY knows how to do even if the PD can’t prove it properly For example, they are climbing the hill, and she is whining, and then they are climbing, and she’s still whining. I feel like we needed to see this moment happen, with fajth lot more importance—but in a different context.

He tells Young that he is worried he will run away with Eun-soo once again. I can die happy now. Young asks her if epvrama reason was his life. Lady Choi then asks about ES. Gongmin asks the scholars to sit down at the table with him. Jang Bin tells him that she is with Deok Heung.


신의 Faith (Korean Drama) – Che-Cheh

Total Blog Hits 5, visits. Sorry, but you have to be cerebral to appreciate this drama.

Lee Jae-hyun is surprised to hear about the attackers. Someone left her this homework, believing that if it was Eun-soo, she would figure it out somehow. Pedrama October 8, at Been camping here since I discovered the recaps from an fb page. Lee Min Ho travel to some 14 locations throughout the country to shoot for the drama. The constant slow-mo from different directions, the frozen moment when both actors should be into the kiss though of course the woman just stands faiiththe music that seems to overpower the actually acting Thank you for sharing your rough recap of Faith!

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Oh yeah… this is the smile that can blind and melt us ladies! ES says, you know I came from heaven right?

You are drawn to it Gongmin apologizes to Young for giving him another governmental position. I love ES with her practicality sooo much.

I know, finally, after all these years! I love the characters, the OTPs, the bromance, and the fact that Faith never lost its comedic touches here and there, even in this episode, like CY knocking of the palace guard following ES, ES and Lady Choi about the episodw gift, and CY and lady Choi asking him to be careful.

Recap: “Faith” Episode 17

Faith The Great Doctor is my greatest Eepisode drama addiction to date. I have so many favorite scenes of King Gongmin e.


ND October 8, at 9: This one never get to air or some say was just a trial shooting. All in all Faith took 2 years to production, lost 2 lead male actors and underwent a big change episodw concept and storyline. Seems like Eun Soo’s knowledge of the future should hold more clout with, well – all of the males, actually.

Park Se Young as Princess Nogook.

신의 Faith (Korean Drama)

Eun-soo tries to go to Young but Deok Heung stops her by holding her wrist. Eun-soo starts to explain that all she did epiosde say that she would marry him. Lady Choi looks surprised to hear this other confirmation of how Eun-soo feels about Young.

Lee Epiaode Ho, you still hold the number one spot of being the best kisser in Korean dramas. Eun Soo always has these funny reactions and she livened up the show for me, and I love the chemistry between Choi Young and Eun Soo. You couldn’t have said better!!!

It actually looked real.

The suribang ajumma was the evil stepmother in New Tales of Gisaeng, which incidentally had Sung Hoon the silver haired killer-flute-player here as the main lead. He stops and looks around.