Last Episode 05×10 Reborn Aired: Meanwhile, Tom has trouble coming to grips with Annie’s profound discovery and its implications. Blood in the Morning S Elsewhere, Anne and Harris hit upon a crucial discovery. Not in your Filter Add. Lexi is forced to take extreme measures to save her father’s life – and her own – after a Beamer malfunction. On Off Show Sunday First: Season 3, Episode 4 – “At All Costs 1 ” After the people of Charleston defeat another alien attack with the help of new advanced weaponry, Tom is invited to meet with a powerful leader.

Season 2, Episode 5 – “Love and Other Acts of Courage” A familiar person returns to the unit, but his motives are scrutinized. Lexi is forced to take extreme measures to save her father’s life – and her own – after a Beamer malfunction. Season 4, Episode 2 – “The Eye” The Espheni reveal their new plan to Tom, and he is faced with an impossible decision. All original author and copyright information must remain intact. Lexi and Anne have a difference of opinions – resulting in dangerous consequences. Meanwhile, the 2nd Mass fears an impending Espheni strike by the scorched Overlord. Elsewhere, Anne leads an exhausting search for her daughter Lexi, while Ben’s concerns about Lexi’s increasing powers uncovers a devastating secret she’s been keeping.

Meanwhile, the ragtag crew has nightmarish encounters with skitters and mechs. And Marina takes matters into her own hands in Charleston, disregarding Tom’s authority. On Off Time Format: Against the Law S New Blood, Old Wounds S Maybe some watched series stats are lost. While trekking through the woods with her guerilla fighters, Anne has a flashback to her time in the Espheni Tower with Karen, where a terrifying secret about Lexi is revealed.

Twisting developments lead Tom to a close encounter of the harrowing kind, and mysteries about the aliens’ motives might finally be answered. Season 1, Episode 6 – “Sanctuary 1 ” Another resistance leader appears at the camp, sounding an alert that the aliens will soon attack and offering to take the children to safe shelter. You are successfully logged out.


Meanwhile, Tom ensnares another captive; Weaver offers Matt a job; and the unit face a new enemy when they’re trapped in the basement of a building. Elena bravely faced the sorceress to protect her little sister, Princess Isabel, and grandparents but in the process, her magical amulet pulled her inside its enchanted Enter the text in the image shown if you are human.

Elsewhere, Anne and Harris hit upon a crucial discovery. On Off Show Airtime: Each day is a test of survival as citizen soldiers work to protect the people in their care while also fighting back. Create Account Forgot Password.

Everybody Has Their Reasons. Season 3, Episode 9 – “Journey to Xibalba” Tom uncovers confidential intelligence about the heart of the alien operation. Elsewhere, the 2nd Mass encounter their most perilous threat as Tom discovers game-changing information. On Off Summary Popups: The final standoff brings the Masons, the 2nd Mass, and their new allies into the bowels of an iconic American location, wrought with new and unpredictable obstacles.

Or import your show schedule per ical into your own calendar. Season 2, Episode 3 – “Compass” The unit moves into an airport hanger, but the relocation could cause health problems.

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You have 31 New filtered episodes airing today. Season 1, Episode 10 – “Eight Hours” In the season finale, the resistance fighters launch a bold attack against the aliens as Tom remains at the camp to protect the civilians. Meanwhile, the 2nd Mass fears an impending Espheni strike by the scorched Overlord. Season 5, Episode 8 – “Stalag 14th Virginia” Weaver discovers the shocking fvrage about an old friend; Sies and Isabella are forced to work together; the 2nd Mass attempts an escape.


On Off Show Watched Arrow: Hal believes he knows the identity of the mole. Season 3, Episode 5 – “Search and Guuide 2 ” When a mission goes terribly awry, Tom and Pope must rely on each other to survive.

Fist to the Face S Season 1, Episode 8 – “What Hides Beneath” Weaver turns more and more erratic, stirring up trouble while on a reconnaissance mission with Tom and Hal. Home Home Welcome To At-my. Try to whitelist our email address noreply sharetv.

Akies must make false promises to insure the 2nd Masses’ survival. Season 3, Episode 3 – “Badlands” The two-year anniversary of the alien invasion is fast approaching as the people of Charleston prepare for another potentially devastating offensive.

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Anne, meanwhile, has a feeling that all is not right with her newborn. We cannot vouch for the user experience provided by external sites. Meanwhile, Weaver and Pope butt heads over how to handle the suspected mole. You’ll Know My Name is the Lord Any sales or other uses of this guice are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the author s.

And Tom and Anne prepare to welcome their baby. Falling Skies is poised to end its run next summer with a 10 episode fifth and final season.