Richard and Aaron decide bigger is better, giving a red ’67 Cadillac convertible the luxury treatment in a risky bid to attract a higher caliber of buyers. And take a look at some incredible dash cam crashes. In the new series, Richard and Aaron conjure up a plan to transform a vintage ’71 Dodge Scat Pack Challenger bought at auction. Meanwhile, the crew brings a rare Dodge Wayfarer back to life. This is the list of episodes for American television show, Fast N’ Loud. Richard and Aaron cringe along with you while watching some seriously epic fails—from hapless drivers unable to control their vehicles to a hotrodder who catches his engine and self on fire. A season of simmering grievances comes to a boil.

The weather may be perfect, but storms are brewing onboard the dredges as egos clash and tempers flare. Aaron and the Gas Monkey crew overhaul a Jeep in 24 hours to surprise a friend. He sets out not only to find an 80’s Trans Am, but the Hoff. Retrieved September 9, A Ford F pickup truck rebuilt with a new engine as a shop truck is featured. Retrieved 12 October

Fast N’ Loud

Richard purchases a Ford Pantera. Aaron’s idea to build a “junkyard Porsche” capable of going head-to-head against Richard’s Porsche Turbo S goes awry when the expensive conversion kits he’s bought don’t fit as planned. Richard brings in Gas Monkey’s first ever guest builder as Dallas hot-rodder Brian Bass teams up with the Monkeys to build a ’60’s style hot rod out of a ’34 Ford Coupe. As the Monkeys and guest builder Brian Bass go over schedule on their ’34 Ford Coupe, Richard strikes a deal to feature the car in Hot Rod Magazine if it can be finished in time.

With the Pikes Peak International Race only days away, the truck is nowhere near complete; Aaron tries to keep the Falcon damage-free. Fast Lane Auto Repair. Richard Rawlings uses his time, money, and resources to help a failing garage right in his own backyard of Dallas.

But will the original owner be impressed by Aaron’s Gas Monkey style? Season 8 started on March 23, Richard flips a rare Corvette Stingray complete with tank sticker and bets his driving skills to sell the shop truck. Richard buys a ’69 Malibu only to realize there are massive issues.


Richard checks out an ATV shop Louisiana, but when the owners reject his offer, Richard goes to Oklahoma, where he considers rehabbing a local tuning shop that’s barely paying the bills. Richard Rawlings sees potential in the golf cart industry and is ready to try to turn the shop around.

“Fast N’ Loud” Supping Up a Super Ford GT, Part 1 (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Get Revved Up with added facts and bonus scenes Richard and the Monkeys gather at the Monkey Trap along with their biggest fans to answer questions, share memorable moments, and revisit favorite builds like the 4×4 Camaro and Firebirds 1 and 2.

Some go more easily and profitably than others but it’s a weirdly built Rolls Royce that even Aaron has a hard time fixing.

When permitting a historical building puts their plans to a halt and the owner doesn’t pull his weight, Richard has second thoughts. See a couple battle a jet airplane and a guy totally lose his mind, on his own car. Richard and Aaron find the hot rod of their dreams: Richard has invited his friends Farmtruck and Azn from “Street Outlaws” to check out his favorite viral videos. Richard even has his own cringe-worthy moment in a stunt plane.

The team revisits the cars they flipped and answer ht mail. Richard and Aaron find a ’55 Chevy Bel Air as well as a Oldsmobile Rocket 88 coupe, which had been perfectly preserved in a garage for over 50 years. From weird cars and wild stunts, tough builds and celebrity guests — what will be 1? Retrieved January 12, Retrieved February 9, Tom Smith from Misfits Garage also stops by.

With race day against the “Street Outlaws” fast approaching, Aaron struggles to get his BMW ready on his loudd, while Richard faces potential disaster when the challenger crashes on supplng final test run. Fast N’ Loud is back for another series of hidden gems and forgotten derelict classic cars, as motor mastermind Richard Rawlings and mechanical prodigy Aaron Kaufman search the far-flung corners of Texas and the suppinb states for classic beauties.


Richard uses his time, money, and resources to help a fellow hot rod enthusiast in Nashville, TN. Richard relives his youth with a ’77 Trans Am Firebird. Aaron builds a flying machine for the Red Bull Flugtag event and the team launches him off a foot pier. This section needs additional citations for verification.

And don’t miss the clip of the week Also, Richard stops by Fired Up Garage to check on the rent. Retrieved 12 September Richard and M pick up a very rare 32 Ford 3-window, but buying it is about all they can agree upon. Richard and Dennis literally roll the dice on a 57 Chevy back in snowy Minnesota.

Supping Up a Super Ford GT, Part 1

After over four years and hundreds of cars, Richard and Aaron take a look back at the rise of Gas Monkey from a little shop episofe the pound gorilla lokd is today. Aaron falls in love with and buys a famous ’63 Ford Falcon race car off Richard. Richard and Aaron are joined by the king of nutshots and a couple of stock car hot shots. Retrieved February 2, In the hit series Fast N’ LoudRichard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman travel the back roads, searching barns and sesson fields for that one rare ride to restore and choosing the right car is the trick.

They have to get creative to get a stuck F-1 Ford off the back of a large car hauler. Aaron and the Gas Monkey crew overhaul a Jeep in 24 hours to surprise a friend.