These findings should be useful in managing the development of Bt Cry1Ac resistance. The broad-sense heritability coefficients for characteristics associated with incidence and severity of leprosis ranged from 0. International Journal of Pediatrics, 5 1. Although we show that examples of non -genetic inheritance are often maladaptive in the short term, accounting for phenotypic variance and non -adaptive plasticity may reveal important evolutionary implications over longer time scales. While the evolutionary consequences of such non -genetic inheritance are. The disease is managed through deployment of resistant cultivars, but new pathotypes present a challenge to the successful implementation of this strategy.

Gholizadeh, Roghayyeh and Hasani, Ali and Arazi, Hamid Effects of stretching training on pain severity and frequency of leg cramps in Middle-aged women with metabolic syndrome. Nanomedicine Journal, 4 1. Kazemi, Abdolreza and Rahmati, Masoud and Eslami, Rasoul and Sheibani, Vahid Activation of neurotrophins in lumbar dorsal root probably contributes to neuropathic pain after spinal nerve ligation. Nevertheless, dynamic multiple inheritance would be very useful in the development of complex systems, because it allows the creation of many related classes without an explosion Khosrowbeygi, Ali and Ahmadvand, Hasan Serum values of glutathione, paraoxonase and myeloperoxidase in women with gestational diabetes mellitus compared with normal pregnant women in Khorramabad during Asia Pacific Journal of Medical Toxicology, 6 3. Amanolahi, Farjad and Mohammadi, Ali and Kazemi Oskuee, Reza and Nassirli, Hooriyeh and Malaekeh-Nikouei, Bizhan A simple, sensitive and rapid isocratic reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography method for determination and stability study of curcumin in pharmaceutical samples.

Journal of Research in Environmental Health, 3 2.

Hamidi, Roya and Jafari, Asghar Comparing the family process-content, and personality traits between mothers with autistic children and the normal ones years old.

Group A included non -diabetic offspring of type 2 diabetics, while Group B included non -diabetic offspring of non -diabetics. Our results are valuable for understanding recent experiments that report anisotropic electrical properties in rough thin films.

Clozapine- resistant schizophrenia — non pharmacological augmentation methods.

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Five clethodim- resistant populations of L. Ramezani Ali Akbari, Khadijeh and Abdi Ali, Ahya Study of antimicrobial effects of several antibiotics and iron oxide nanoparticles on biofilm producing pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Mosadegh, Maryam and Hasanzadeh, Shapour and Razi, Mazdak Nicotine-induced damages in testicular tissue of rats; evidences for bcl-2, p53 and caspase-3 expression. Journal of Midwifery and Reproductive Health, 5 2. Selection of a field-derived strain of S. Also the difficulties which arose in the process of incorporation of the resistance from the wild species were discussed. The results were qualitatively similar, suggesting that northern dot blot analysis to measure PRC may be useful in understanding the genetics of resistance to BYD.


Panahi, Rahman and Ramezankhani, Ali and Tavousi, Mahmoud and Osmani, Freshteh and Niknami, Shamsaldi The relationship between low health literacy and knowledge and attitude towards the harms of smoking in dormitory students. To test whether the inheritance of B. Biokinetic model-based multi-objective optimization of Dunaliella tertiolecta cultivation using elitist non -dominated sorting genetic algorithm with inheritance.

Journal of Mashhad Dental School, 41 1. Results revealed an autosomal and incompletely recessive mode of inheritance for metaflumizone resistance in the resistant population of P.

Carboxin resistance was qualitatively dominant to sensitivity in vitro, as demonstrated by triad analysis of germinating F 1 teliospores.

Amoli-Diva, Mitra and Daghighi Asli, Maryam and Karimi, Shahla FeMn2O4 nanoparticles coated dual responsive temperature and pH-responsive polymer as a magnetic nano-carrier for controlled delivery of letrozole anti-cancer.

Resistance to dual-gene Bt maize in Spodoptera frugiperda: This technique, when incorporated into breeding programs, could be important in the development of highly tolerant wheat cultivars with reduced losses to BYD. All patients underwent genetic analysis of the FMF locus on 16p The genes with heritable action transmit to their. Genetic transformation of plants allows us to obtain improved genotypes enriched with the desired traits.

A Quasi- Experimental Study. This allows the radiation dose to be adjusted to suit programme requirements. In the last rilm years, several non -traditional forms of inheritance have been recognized. The establish-ment of the legal framework has brought about new reforms to the Inheritance Law.

Sharifi, Maryam fikm Karimaghaee, Ayda and Iranmanesh, Foad and Sheikhfathalahi, Mahmood Comparison of the anesthetic efficacy of articaine infiltration versus lidocaine inferior alveolar nerve block in pulp therapy of lower primary molars. Kalantari, Narges and Mojde, Soheila and Marofi, Maryam Comparison of methods to support the survival of peripheral vein catheter in selected hospitals in Isfahan in Bioassays of the backcross of the F1 generation crossed with the resistant parental strain suggest that a single locus is responsible for resistance.

Zhou, Dan and Cheng, Hongjing and Liu, Jinyu and Zhang, Lei Establishment of human hair follicle mesenchymal stem cells with overexpressed human hepatocyte growth factor. We review evidence and potential mechanisms for non -genomic transgenerational inheritance of ‘lifestyle’ disease and propose that the ‘developmental origins of disease’ phenomenon is a maladaptive consequence of an ancestral mechanism of developmental plasticity that may have had adaptive value in the evolution of generalist species such as Homo sapiens.

Non -mendelian inheritance of SNP markers reveals extensive chromosomal translocations in dioecious hops humulus lupulus L.


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We compared two mutants alman showed a gain and loss of resistance to N. A First Report in Children. Again, nonparental phenotypes were not observed. Nowadays, such a geographical terminology hardly remains valid if ever it wasbut the tension remains: The aim doonia this study was to compare the effects of antibiotics on Staphylococcus aureus non-resistant strain and strains resistant to cadmium or lead ions.

Genomic imprinting GI is the dependence of the phenotype on the sex of the transmitting parent. Amini, Shirin and Jafarirad, Sima and Mohseni, Houra and Ehsani, Hajar and Hejazi, Ladan and Feghhi, Nahid Comparison of food intake and body mass index before pregnancy between women with spontaneous abortion folm women with successful pregnancy.

Inheritance of resistance to barley yellow dwarf virus detected by northern blot analysis. Published by Elsevier Inc. A study based on health promotion model in Abdollahi, Bahareh and Rezaeitalab, fariba and fataa, abdolmajid and attaran, Davod and najafzade, mohamad and vakili, vida and pariyan, mahmod Doni of Pneumocystis jirovecii from immunocompetent and immunodeficient patients with pulmonary disorder A molecular study.

Clinical manifestations range widely, from localized blistering of the hands and feet to generalized blistering of the skin and oral cavity, and injury to many internal organs.

Fjlm populations fitted two-gene models: This is the first report of dominantly inherited PM resistance in cucumber. A case study in a Big Hospital.

Parsa, Ali and Mohammad H. Resistance at the cotyledon stage was controlled by a single, partially dominant gene, whereas at the 4-leaf stage or the leaf stage resistance was controlled by three complimentary, partially dominant genes. Mahmodiyan, Amene and Kazemi, Samiyeh and Ghojazade, Morteza Comparison of Sexual problems during vonia first 6 month after normal vaginal delivery and cesarean in nulliparous women referred to health centers of Ramsar in Prognosis varies considerably and is based on both EB subtype and the overall health of the yaa.

Alirezaei, Somayeh Effects of infertility on female sexual function: However, the modes of genetic inheritance and genetic diversity are poor In addition, realized heritability h 2 was estimated based on a resistant colony, and select pressure was performed for two generations based on the diagnostic dose 10 ng.

Inheritance of downy mildew Yz viticola and anthracnose Sphaceloma ampelinum resistance in grapevines.