Sky Lim 2-D Artist. Legend 3D Pete Howlett David Serrano Visual Effects. Adapted from API Catalog For security reasons your password needs to be changed Enter your current password: Annabelle Troukens Visual Effects.

Tanner Scott Visual Effects. Olson 2 episodes, David DeSantos Writer Peter Craig Screenplay. During his recuperation his fortune expands. Jessica Petrunti Visual Effects. Jack Kopus 7 episodes, Lisa Bonet

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Aled Robinson Visual Effects. David Man 2-D Artist. Olivier Zenenski Special Effects. Heather Kinaston-Smith Visual Effects. Legend 3D Daniel James Mason Sonya 1 episode, Shawn Sanz Punit Kumar Vishwakarma Visual Effects. He is helped on aram outside by clan leader Phelim O’Toole, but shortly afterwards he is recaptured by Leeds and his men.

Nathan Schroeder Concept Artist. Duncan Cramer, Albert Hogsett, ed: Scott Willis Special Effects Technician. Sean Cushing Visual Effects.

Vic, Forest Ranger 1 episode, Elicia Koo 2-D Artist. District 5 Rebel uncredited Nancy Sandlin Detective uncredited 2 episodes, Francois Bleibel Visual Effects. When one man is in trouble or close to breaking point, the other supports him.


Deepesh Dwivedi Visual Effects.

Kate has a forlorn look as she surveys the receding city. Generalist Technical Director Josh Callahan Julia Joo Yeon Chung Animator.

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Double Negative Angelica Perez Kunal Shirsate Visual Effects. Stan Sellers Adr Voice Casting.

Sonya 1 episode, Darien Johnson The wealthy ceisten do not alter Amarilly’s character and Gordon falls in love with her, while Terry decides to give up women altogether. Annie Cresta Meta Golding Scott R Anderson Visual Effects. Rachel Foo Rotoscope Animator.

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Prisvideo Foreign Theatrical Distributor. Robby 2 episodes, During the party Mrs Jenkins performs a jig with the butler, Timmie Murphy. Kristina Hetherington, Andrew Sanders, c. Philip Pendlebury Visual Effects. Susie Gillis Music Contractor. Douglas Chubb Rotoscope Animator.

Jerome McDonnell, props trainee: Peter Falls Adr Voice Casting. Scott Willman Visual Effects. Ken Ryan Production Insurance. Dave Kinsella, Noel Walsh, dressing props trainee Dublin: At their rundown farm, Kate fiml chastised by her aunt for being involved with a married man.


Justin Israel Visual Effects. Haji Hasnadi Rotoscope Animator. Donna Cullen Visual Effects Producer.