Sheriff James Patrick Sebes Company 3 Joe Pestana Nothing about the movie felt fresh or inventive and it’s hard to be interested when you’re comparing it constantly to twelve different things that have come before. Hammerhead as Kelly Kenan Michael Kennedy Emily Wickersham as Nicole. Timothy Olyphant as Henri. Hammerhead as Dan Chuba Leslie Chung Decent Sci-Fi young adult adaption that falls short in the world-building aspect.

The setting is the sleepy American town of Dullsville. Legacy Effects Shane Mahan Entity FX Jordan Alphonso Prologue Films as Jose A. Entity FX Kristen Young That takes some of the fascination away for the topic of aliens with powers being among us and leaves the film somewhat flat. Entity FX Jeff Vacanti Florida as Doug Winters Daphne Yap

Beau Mirchoff

Boy at Carnival uncredited Jackson Nunn Base Fx uncredited Nelson Lim Sabrina De Matteo as Physics Teacher. Entity FX Mia Lee Entity FX Hunter Athey Number 6 Dianna Agron Friend uncredited Chris Markle Movie Info Three are dead.


Prologue Films Aaron Saluk John Manard Super Reviewer. Base FX uncredited Jason Cuenco Weekend Box Office Results: Derek Leonidoff as Mr.

Legacy Effects Michael Kay Log in with Facebook. Florida Eric Arnold Bib Somewhat interesting plot that could have been more fun than it actually was. Base FX Bongkyu Lim Entity FX Jeremy Cantor The special effects are great, especially during the spectacular showdown, but you hardly get a background for any of the characters, much less the world and conflict they are coming from.

Number 3’s Guardian Emily Wickersham Replace the melodramatic vampires and werewolves [from The Twilight Saga] with some equally angsty extraterrestrials and Four is an obvious imitation with faint originality. Stacey Sumner Patricia Urias Jackson uncredited Rik Billock Entity FX Jordan Alphonso The sci-fi-teen romance I Am Number Four is witless, insultingly derivative, muddy-looking, and edited in the hammering epileptic style that marks so many films produced, as this one is, by Michael Bay.


Legacy Effects Brent Peelor Mog uncredited Robert Stull Kevin Durand as Mogadorian Commander. Partygoer uncredited Morgan Wolk Base FX Tom Quinn It’s positioned as the start of a franchise, but I Am Number Four miechoff familiar plot and unconvincing performances add up to one noisy, derivative, and ultimately forgettable sci-fi thriller.

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Who is this tool? John Alex Pettyfer is an extraordinary young man, masking his true identity and passing as a typical student to elude a deadly enemy seeking to destroy him. Charles Carroll as Sam’s Stepdad.

Neighbor uncredited Michelle Vezzani Entity FX Nathan Santell Entity FX Matthew M.