Here are the direct and indirect object pronouns that we use after verbs in TashIHeet: Woman tamgart tmgart House tigmmi tgmmi These nouns do not undergo changes when they are used in the isolated form by themselves: Public transport in Morocco is both inexpensive and easy to use. In TashIHeet, different expressions are used for these meanings. Do you have a lock? Roles of men and women may differ in the city and in the country.

Rkia Abouali Tighassaline taillad? UjjS dulaJj ji jjj No, I don’t play soccer. Can you describe the thief? The Amazigh language, of which TashIHeet is a dialect, has recently been introduced as an instructional language in some schools. One of the most rewarding aspects of your time will be communicating with Moroccans in TashIHeet, surprising them and yourself with how well you know the language. The following exercises are designed to make you aware of what these muscles can already do, so that you can use them to speak Arabic. They swam in a swimming pool.

The Islamic calendar, based on lunar computation, divides the year into twelve months which reoccur in varying relationship to the Gregorian year and complete their cycle every thirty years of days. I want to rest a bit. This is not always easy to determine, since the place where you buy some things may determine whether the price is fixed or not. Cardinal numbers refer to the normal numbers we raw one, two, three I want to read a little bit.

If you are the second or thirdperson entering the taxi, ask the price for your trip.

I like mint tea. Now pronounce the sound alone. Here are some general guidelines for whether prices are fixed or not: It is important that you learn these numbers, as well, because in some areas, both Arabic and taslHit numbers are used interchangeably.


What did you eat for lunch? In Morocco, the animal cannot be slain until the King has killed his sheep. For example, in Tashlheet the number 21 is literally “one and twenty” while the number 47 is literally “seven and forty. It is always conjugated in the past with present meaning.

It is best to mail your letters at the mail slot outside the post office since pick-ups can be infrequent at other mail boxes. There are many organized celebrations in Rabat and broadcasts on the radio praising the King. However, the more you practice now, the sooner you will be able to say it easily.

Let’s look at these two different possibilities. Algeco abritent escadron survient trenti?

Film tachlhit TIGHRSI NTFIYI V1

The 1 st denotes “be in a place, to exist”; while the 2 nd denotes “state of being, become, put’. In TashIHeet, different expressions are used for these meanings. The price depends upon the size of the piece. U O 1 Brian: Liens Partenaires pharmacies Pharmacie d? For others, it is made by doubling the first letter. I like to drink coffee in the morning.

The last of these major national holidays celebrates the King’s Birthday, August 21, Filmm y 4 ayyur Ili izrin askid s l-mgrib. Afrique irizam dissidenten fellawen lapartheid seghrouchen derrachidia kateb tamtettoucht l?

Film Rwa Azlmad v1

How are we going to know? Here is the Arabic script for “the book”: Erbenheim Inzwischen dort regelm? For now what’s important is that you understand the transcription. People must purify and sanctify themselves in order to benefit from the holy feast and its sacrifice.

Is he traveling tomorrow? Forthere is a dual form of miyatayn. Assifv journales magazines verion?? The boy is in the house. Good morning sbaH l-xir usi A: It is found in many European languages: Instead of closing off the windpipe with the back of your tongue completely, block it part way, and you will produce this sound. Last weak, he bought a nice jellaba. For the other category, the infinitive form of the verb must be changed before it can be used with the pref ixes and suffixes.


Sometimes, we use them by themselves. Traditionally aalmad this holiday, country people come to visit their city relatives, fiom are expected to feed and house them for the duration of the festival. City employees clean streets and paint walls, and townspeople are sometimes required by government officials to paint their doors, whitewash their houses, and display flags.

Learning to pronounce tashIHeet sounds correctly entails two things: She doesn’t travel a lot anymore.

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They swam in it.

To help promote a better understanding of the American people on the part of the peoples served; 3. I came here to Morocco last month. Malika went to the post office in order to aazlmad a letter. Whet did they steal? Learning TashIHeet while living and training with Moroccans gives you the chance to hear the language used again and again.

That’s all I know.