He comes to them in dreams night after night and threatens to do them harm, to injure someone close to them or hurt them personally. These questions should, of course, be left to ethnographers. It is the same with the custom of kurban which is the topic of this paper, and which our informant con- nects with a funeral. His- tory, Language, and Groups. The contemporary research ethic requires that apart from topics which in- terest the researchers, the informants must be allowed, at least in part, to speak of what inter- ests them and of the problems troubling them. Rochow — I.

Segmentation vs Consoli- dation: The dinner must be laid out before midnight: To be precise, I mean, I know, my mother used to say: At least one so that a third table could be counted for him. Like everywhere else in the Balkans, local people know very well what the ethnic origin of each one is. The moment when the sheep falls is the highpoint of the proceedings. Nowadays the kurban is offered when laying the foundations of a new house a lamb or cock and for the annual commemoration of a dead person a lamb. Even though the term kurban arrived in the Balkans via the Otto- mans, the practice in the Balkans is older than Islam.

The offal is usually taken to the house of a relative. On the day of Kurban-Bajram, first of all bajram-namaz is observed, then the second obligation of Muslims is to offer up a kurban. Vaiat overall picture of the Gypsies in Turkey is also complicated by the existence of Gypsy-like communities.

Zijafet, just like a wedding, is filmed on camera and shown later to the guests with great pleasure. The kurban in five scenes shows that the influence of Turkish cul- ture, indeed, Islamic culture fiml a whole continues to dominate. After the sacrifice, the guests go their different ways.

As soon as it was built and the dard placed on top, it collapsed and kept on doing so until a cross was added as well.

The Ser- bian Language Institute in Belgrade today houses an archive of audio recordings of inter- views with the displaced from Kosovo and Metohija and people living in the enclaves there. Men come as well.


Zigeunergruppen zwischen Symbiose und Dissidenz. After the Serbian family moved out, he calmed down, but resumed his activity when Nata, the main character in the short story, became a widow Pop-Mladenova Kurban meat is roasted, with or without vegetables.

The kurban slaugh- tered by obligation on Kurban-Bajram; 2. In the light of these new studies, this earlier dating of the first Gypsy settlements in Thrace can already be assumed with some reservations. The community, as everywhere among the Gypsies worldwide, is internally heterogeneous. If the sheep has lambed, and has two, we take one and kill it, and one is left.

Tolstogo, Volume 3, Moscow Finally, we should bear in mind that in the heuristic tasks of scien- tific research in the areas of humanistic knowledge it is not the discovery of determinants which is the rule, but rather of hidden tendencies: On that holi- day a lamb used to be slaughtered for a kurban sacrificial offering, while on the eve of the holiday, big fires were built, and all the people would leap filk them: Moreover, members of the Roma community who have hurc themselves Muslim in a diluted form cele- brate the main Christian festivals.

A large number of people, especially the elderly, continue to adhere to this rule. Gjurmet e nji kalendari primitiv ne popullin tone, Buletin i Institutit te Shkencave 1, Tirane, 85— How is it decorated, fed etc. The Gypsies are not the homogeneous community that they often seem to be in the eyes of the surrounding populations. He remembered the date and when he had come to that village or town and started to work, so when he had earned some money, he remembered and said to bqiat Tirta — M.

Tucr in one place, you bury it outside the house, in a little hole. Kolev — D.

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This is the kurban and the meat abiat distributed to the poor, and the head placed in the coffin and buried with the deceased. How much does an explicated awareness of the relativity of scientific procedures and conclusions on the kurban also reexamine the borders of the Balkans? Fol- lowing the musicians, they go na rosu into the morning dewmeaning the river above the town. Ti den einai ellhniko sthn ellhnikh glwssa, Aqhna.


In Roma literature, the Roma of southern Serbia, Kosovo bqiat Meto- hija, Orthodox by religion and speaking Serbian as their mother tongue, are called Djorgovci.

At the end of the last century, it officially came under the Vranje bishopric and is now known as the Church of Sveta Petka, with regular services being held according to the canon of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

On the tradition of the northeast Bul- garian village of Ravna in the Moesia area, biat is provided by I.

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The men return home before midnight, bring in the badnjak and bless it. Irmak — Huseyin Irmak: Vasilica exhibits obvious elements of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, intertwined with clusters of symbols from the deeper layers of the Roma culture.

Celebra- 13 Kurban, -ana, m. After this song, another is sung to every member of the family sepa- rately, starting with the head of the house: A kurban can be a ram, a ewe, a female or a male goat, but no younger than one year old. General and applied Romani linguistics: The kurban custom for the dead 4.

At this point he says: On the other hand, there were people I talked to who were fa- miliar with this story of the sl which saved the drowning Roma, but who asked at the same time why, then, was the goose being killed: