If you are in love, then show it, so we can believe that you really are as attracted as the plot makes you out to be. DH is starting her redemption not that I care, but still. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. And for her to use Jin Rak, knowing how he feels about her is even worse. That bit about expecting good things coming immediately before bad ones broke my heart into pieces. Besides the kiss which we can blame the situation and characters at this point Park Shin Hye is killing this role Make we wonder if an actress doesn’t kiss qualified to be the best actress? Oh, how I love this drama and it’s so sad that it’s almost over.

And I’m directing this at you, too, KofD! Shi yoon oppa ftw!!!! Dok Mi went to Do Hwi home wasnt planned to confess that she like Jin Rak, but to get angry at her by lying again to her I actually fast forwarded while watching it without subs, and when I saw the ending I was surprised I understood it, 3 years of kdrama at work I decided not to watch the episode as a whole. I did love all the crack this episode and Yoon Shi-yoon looks SO GOOD with the different hair, a lot like Lee Jun-ki actually , but the whole make-him-leave plan Dok-mi cooked up is just so Typical Kdrama Cliche when the drama itself has been everything but. A girl dressed like Seo Young, complete with a guitar on her back, is also following Enrique.

These kdramas are turning me into such a dork.

CaroleMcDonnell February 12, at 9: Kdramatizex low-rent plan backfires perfectly, and Jin-rak sighs that he really is all alone now. I love how when Jin-rak showed her how the tip works, it was like she had discovered the holy grail of secrets to how love works!

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But for some reason, I dislike the actress as well. It will always be Enrique for me.

Side note, can I just say that the dude playing Enrique can cry like nobodies business! Do you stay or do you go? Neither are the frantic messages posted online by his worried fans, which is how Do-hwi and Dong-hoon find out about his accident.


And he did it with so much dignity that I really felt proud of his growth as a person. It would have been more perfect if I hadn’t been jext asking myself, “Are they there yet? It was an episode that was OK for Jin Rak to shine. Is it the actors’ preferences? He dkor to face her, staring intently.

Episode 4 by Regals. I am afraid it will be worse. Oh i could go on forever about why they won’t match.

He tells her to take her time and look at the paintings. That night as Enrique sleeps, Dok-mi answers a call from her realtor and assures him that distance is no problem.

Love this couple though. Jin Rok knows who she is talking about and asks her to take a seat. I really wish the episodes were longer so I could stay in this wonderful drama world a little longer, but there is an advantage to having a minute episode. Esp if it may become a burden in future It has handled so well in the early part of the epi The PD probably IS my favorite character.

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His life was entirely different from hers, yet she felt his words applied to her: Thanks for a dpisode in depth analysis as usual. Lower your voice and see the result. I do think the real culprit is network dramas, most don’t really go for the actively-reciprocated kissing and I don’t blame the actors in that case.

Your email address will not be published. In the end, my favorite characters are actually Dong-Hoon and the PD – love love love those two!!

Dok Mi didn’t crumble to ashes over that and thus, I do not presume that Enrique will be damaged-beyond-repair either.

Her of all people should know epidode it feels to be betrayed by someone you care about. Skip to primary content. I kdramatizec everything that went on with that. I don’t know enough to speculate about the writer’s love life, but can I just take flowerr guess and say you’ve probably never been a shut-in? This has been yet another point of beauty of this drama that people talk, resolve and there is no unnecessary dragging of an issue or over dramatization.


I’m going to hope that Enrique sees right through this and confronts Dok-mi kdramatizedd that Jin-rak is the good kid he is and tells Dok-mi not to lie to herselfand that they sit down and communicate and figure out together what they want to do. I thinks she kisses this way because of her characters, when you contrast her ridiculous kisses with Jang Geunsuk in Minami Shineyo and the Etude lipstick cf they filmed together before vlower in that drama Following up intense, tearful confessions with a stereotypical kdrama kiss where lips barely move and the woman stands there physically disengaged?

I had the feeling in my bones that this show was going to break our hearts by taking these wonderful, quirky, well-fleshed out characters and wpisode them through the usual kdrama rom-com plot meatgrinder. She of all people should know better then to inflict pain on purpose.

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I can’t believe that world exists anymore. Jin Rok reveals to Dok Mi that Enrique was injured by a fan and is at the hospital. These recaps seem to just breeze by so fast. I remember someone mentioning forming a support group if this drama was bad.

Today, Mr Grumpy, you were just cool. Either she needs a boyfriend or someone needs to invite her to a makeout party so she can try out some real kissing and stop boring the watchers. Today, I felt respect. Let’s put it bluntly: Why is he such a fail when it comes to his romantic life?