If you don’t like a shitty xvid of something, then grab the ISOs and make a better version. Actually you’d be surprised how into anime normies are these days. But if you know japanese you can, like, go to 2channel and ask. No thanks, think I’ll hang around for another ten years or so What kind of stuff was on kisscartoon? The torrents what I found were only French Changing the rules won’t magically make better releases, and the old releases would just get removed. They decided to put some fan service in to get those ratings up.

I overheard this really hot girl and this hipster guy talking about hentai the other day. This site uses cookies. Real quick, you have the releases mixed up. And what if I’m late and don’t know anyone to invite me? Sayonara galaxy express enter metalmena the first encounter of the ghost train duration. Retard, everybody knows that Edge is the best. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Those things are not available on nyaa or public torrents.

I spoke devil, now he’s appeared If anybody have it, please contact me by comment.

BakaBT is kill

Also invites still work so suck some ABfag’s dick. I have problem with english substitles for Galaxy Express movie. Although most such series generally aren’t going to have that many people interested in them baoabt the first place. I was dellusional exrpess the sinus pressure and-!

No thanks, think I’ll hang around for another ten years or so What kind of stuff was on kisscartoon? Louis is in a proper dress, so I guess the bakabg service will be confined to Spica from now on but WAIT…she rips the bottom part of her own dress off at one point, and to top it all off Shelley whistles at her, insinuating that her invitation earlier was not a joke and that she has a homoerotic desire for Louis OMG.

I’ve only downloaded one thing and it’s not enough to generate points. Can I ask to seed the ost a bit? Oh man you called me an NSA shill that means I’ll stop using onions with my tor and be a good boy! What did you think omvie Queen Milennia the series? Not him, but I’ve been around for open applications.


Galaxy express was released in japan on august 4, where it was distributed by toei company. See, onion domains can only be reached when you’re connected through the Tor network, that is because they’re within the intranet of the network and not the Internet.

We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. No one is telling you to stop using onion links you fucking retard. She also had recurring roles in the doraemon and galaxy express franchises. No matter where I look, I only find it until the fxpress episode.

Again, thank you for taking the time to do this. Happy Birthday to the Sensei-sama and have a wonderful week!

Galaxy Railways II The Nothing Happens Arc | Kritik der Animationskraft

It’s hardsub, but better than nothing. So now that anime is slowly getting killed, how will you spend your time in the near future? That’s the strangest route I have ever seen. Is it your first week on Sup Forums or what. Other urls found in this thread: Galazy have a high iq chad leader who is philosophically and politically educated.

Pretty sure AnT has a limited signup right now so try your luck. Keep galaxyy the great work! Retard, everybody knows that Edge is the best. Not even the stuff that they wanted. Sorry, I misread the lines in my filemanager. If you are looking for obscure shows then until they went private this week they were the most reliable public source.

Yeah, I have watched probably over different series probably over not even sure if that many certainly means that he watched 20, series. As much as I hate CR, I prefer it over the other shit sites that will take over the market if CR dies or even if it doesn’t. I don’t judge them for making the attempt, you get started any way you can, but I’m certainly not taking responsibility for any of them on my invite tree. A royal flush is the best hand you can have in a game of poker.


Posted by Grohotun on Sep 13, in NewRelease 30 comments. It depends, I’ve had plenty of luck with downloads with limited seeds, I’ve grabbed a fair number of old obscure anime raws off of Nyaa.

Invites are still a thing. I downloaded from this website and uploaded this on MU so its the same. Fansubbing is dead because someone else is doing the work, if that someone stopped doing the work that leaves a gap. To an extent I’d say most boards have mods that gave a shit about the specific board.

In general, if a show is readily purchasable in English, it isn’t going to be hard to find online with or without BakaBT. CR bookmarked streaming everything in this screenshot Utterly pathetic, both of you.

Tokyo Toshokan

Movle you get the second season in the US yet? Magnet links don’t work if the tracker rejects you and Nyaa is the problem. It’s embarrassing the way you keep digging yourself deeper. Can it be found in Spanish? I was under the impressions the invite system was somehow not functional at the moment. Will you please seed it?

AB does the same thing.

This dream about Sunshine the baby train smacks me of something my kid sister would have had. Herkz is a mod on Bakabt too probably.

Attempted assassination of Coalgirls and Sakura!