He loves her a lot so I thought. How can I forget you? Ganga thinks how can it be wrong to unite two lovers. I stood against what I felt is wrong. Pulkit says I know I dint live up to his expectations. Ganga asks Pulkit to speak. He asks the guards to take her to one room and lock her there. He always calls me useless; good for nothing.

Ganga thinks how can it be wrong to unite two lovers. Madhvi angrily takes her name. She lies to Niru. Only the elders of the house can do it. She instead thanks Janvi. Now I and my daughters wont be scared of my husband. Madhvi has never seen Pulkit this angry before. He walks away from there miffed.

His daughter will not be accepted in this house. I am not ready yet. Niru asks her about it. You love gangxa so much so why let her go? Janvi collides with that man while coming back.

Why will someone give you their girl?

What wrong did I do? Pulkit remarks that he has told him many times. Will you be able to live without her?

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You sent me to jail and now this girl is trying to stop my daughter from marrying. Ganga and JP run away to home. He calls security guards inside. Are eoisode doing the same thing today too? Sagar gives her a dare.

Ganga slaps one of the guards. She tries her best to free gajgaa hands from their clutches. She later scolds Pulkit for creating such a situation. It does not end. Where did it go now? She sends her friends outside. I dint get time to change. I agree the business is small but things will be fine soon. Ask her why she came gqngaa my house!

Niru asks Pulkit to speak up. Ganga wonders what to do now.

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Ganga asks Pulkit to speak. He speaks about Ganga. Posted by TheUpdatersoftelenovelasgh at She is strong enough to fight for what is right! He has three girls. Yes, I do episoed Pulkit quietly leaves from there. Amma ji does not want Niru to know the truth.



Dint you think about our respect? He warns Pulkit not to even think of Saloni in his dreams! Amma ji too heads to her room. They all look at Ganga. He even rebukes his girls. Sagar tells Janvi to not let anyone know that they are dating. You both love each other a lot then why?

Srivastava warns him to stay out of his way. Madhvi too asks Pulkit to speak.

I am only trying to unite two lovers. You loved Pulkit Bhaiya. He wants gangxa to become a lawyer. I am coming directly from there. The house is completely decorated.