My review is nowhere to be found on the site. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I posted a review on the Genie website and noticed that the only reviews posted were those praising their products. To be sure I understood him, I said, “I actually have to reassemble it for warranty coverage? When I called for assistance in January of the customer service representative asked me to troubleshoot. Toni of Grantsville, UT.

I have contacted Genie on several occasions, only to be given the runaround. I was frustrated because I had paid to purchase this unit, I paid to have it professionally installed and now just 12 months later was expected either repair this defective Genie unit myself or pay a professional to repair it. Don’t show me this message again. The opener just quit working and I noticed the screw drive rod had come apart and was hanging over my truck. This unit is 8 months old. They have horrible customer service and products.

Ionda August 15, To revoluyion sure I understood him, I said, “I actually have to reassemble it for warranty coverage? Last week I greased the screw drive and it now fails. Each time the button was pushed it would raise to the point that the arm was jamming itself into the motor housing and then stopping 2 feet from the ground when lowered.

Broke again last week and customer service is giving me run around about honoring the warranty. We were told by Genie that the motherboard in the opener went out, and because we did not pay someone to hang it they would not honor the warranty.

June 2, I bought a Genie garage door opener and installed it 6 months ago and I have had the belt to break 3 times. Not looking forward to the return call IF I decide to reassemble this.


After many tries he decided that the remote was defective. The customer service is ok but they really don’t care about you.

Contact someone who is a Licensed Electrician. As soon as that problem decided to fix itself, the door started jamming. Do not operate door automatically or manually if springs are broken. DIYguy August 15, I spent a hour on the phone and got nowhere.

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The was easy enough to install and worked great for the first 6 months. I bought the top-of-the-line Genie garage door opener at Home Depot, and within six months it failed. Chain-drives need periodic adjustment as the chain becomes slack, although this is very infrequent. I have 2 Genie IntelliG door openers in my garage. As the original screw drive manufacturer, Genie has been dedicated to providing the most complete garage door opening systems for 60 years.

Garage Door Opener Installation. My husband and I bought the Genie SilentMax garage door opener 14 months ago to replace our quickly dying year old dinosaur opener. I normally don’t write bad reviews to hurt people’s business if I find it’s not necessary. Don’t have an account? Called Genie and was told I had the “old” installation instructions.

If the Knob is pulled with garage door fully or partially open, garage door may close without warning! James April 10, The door stops and reverses to open position if anything passes through the beam. Which is shocking to me because I have been in my home for 11 years and my other garage opener still runs perfectly and I’m suspecting it was originally installed when the home was built so add another 14 years to that.

If door appears out of alignment, binds, or does not move smoothly, contact a Genie Factory Authorized Dealer or dealer of your garage door for repairs and adjustments to door mechanism. Dave January 01, Chris March 20, Easy to install, very quiet!


I had someone come to look at it, hoping it could be repaired with winter coming, but the board is toast. After waiting for a week I went out and purchased a new opener from a different maker. Garage door will reverse.

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I purchased a Genie Garage door opener in March from Lowe’s and after installation it worked about a month and then excelefator belt broke.

Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. This was the third Excelerator bought, I have 2 and my son just bought one. I upgraded to the Genie Trilog because I wanted one that opened my door fast.

Revolutiion hours my husband was on the phone, sending numerous sized photos that CS insisted they were ‘too large’. It prevents radio code piracy by changing the codes every time you click the remote. She asked if there were any characters after the ISD and I said I didn’t write any down but I can double check the unit.

It installed easily and works great. I never have to wait to pull in my garage anymore. They just want to take the call and get you off the phone. The circuit board is damaged.

Dave January 01, Works great, quiet and easy to follow instructions