Dethklok must write the world’s first Death Metal Lullaby to put the demonic beast back to sleep. Meanwhile, Dethklok realizes they all have father abandonment issues and Murderface decides to repair the damages by appointing himself “Band Father. Nathan and Pickles try to be supportive of their overwhelmed pal, while Skwisgaar and Toki attempt to get their driver licenses. When Toki gets news that his dad is dying, he’s forced to travel back to his home town in Norway. Add to Watchlist Added. Despite his bandmates’ warnings, Nathan begins seriously dating one of his fans. Going Downklok 24 Jun

Season 4, Episode 9 Going Downklok. Toki tries to turn the life of his rock-and-roll clown friend, Dr. After being humiliated by Murderface’s prank calls, Skwisgaar and Toki swear revenge. In a last-ditch scramble for tax breaks, Dethklok agrees to host an event with the London Philharmonic, but only under one condition: Nathan, however, can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong with the record In this first season finale, the Metalocalypse creeps closer to fulfillment when Dethklok executes their most brutal performance to date, and the Tribunal finally makes their move.

Underwater, the band copes with seasickness, whale and radar pings infecting their tracks, and loss of food and oxygen. Abigail Remeltindrinc voice James Urbaniak After home remedies including drinking bleach, Dethklok learns that their ultimate fear will be realized, one of them has a terminal epidode.

Pickles decides to hang up his drumsticks and goes into an even more brutal profession: Rockzo, the Rock n Roll Clown, gets help from Dethklok to overcome his donklok addition and come c-c-c-clean!

Season 4 Episode 9. Metal meets mid-west etiquette when Pickles’ brother, Seth, invites Dethklok to his Wisconsin wedding. After performing a coffee jingle in the farthest reaches of the Arctic Circle to a sold-out crowd, Dethklok witnesses their French chef being chopped to pieces by the blade of their helicopter restaurant.


Meanwhile, Nathan buys a new favorite toy for the band: The band is fed up with Offdenson knowing more than they do.

Murderface searches for a religion after a near-death experience leaves him longing for greater meaning. Everything goes smoothly until the media peers into Rockzo’s past and discovers the clown’s darkest secret. When Nathan learns that his ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Nightrod, has already found new love while still goong a coma, he decides to return to the dating scene.

Going Downklok

The band regresses to an animal mindset. Dethklok has opened up their home for their annual Dethfan Day.

The band falls in love with therapy for all the wrong reasons. The rest of the band decides to make a vacation out of it, citing “album inspiration” as their excuse to further put off working on their delayed album. While Dethklok’s manager, Charles Offdensen, is absent cleaning up hundreds of problems caused by the band, Dethklok double books a gig–between Syria and Israel on the same day.

Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Share this video Facebook Twitter. In an effort to make friends, Toki goes to Rockaroonie Fantasy Camp – a weekend getaway to rub elbows with rock and roll royalty but he attends as a camper.

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Search for ” Going Downklok ” on Amazon. The physical comedy routine they work out really kills. Dethklok finds themselves in a sticky situation when two Internet geeks threaten to bring down Dethklok with their advanced Photoshopping epiosde.


The guys spend time on a sub without women, and the conditions quickly deteriorate, prompting Pickles and Nathan to compete for the affections of their producer.

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While the world awaits the final Dethklok performance, members of the band prepare donklok their post-Dethklok careers. Will Dethklok find their lost bandmate Toki Wartooth? Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Meanwhile, Dethklok realizes they all have father abandonment issues and Murderface decides to repair the damages by appointing himself “Band Father.

Toki tries to turn the life of his rock-and-roll clown friend, Dr. They want their fifth of everything and decide to hire an efficiency expert to tighten up matters at Mordhaus and maximize their weekly allowance. Share this Rating Title: Meanwhile Murderface ringleads the ultimate Christmas special that ends up being backed by the Christian church.

After Dethklok is accused of being racist at a fpisode press conference, they combat the charges by eipsode an Urban Youth Dethcenter.

Nathan Explosion serves an emergency term as temporary governor for the state of Florida, sending Florida into a state of further emergency. Married at First Sight. The animated adventures of the death metal band Dethklok, whose popularityand stupiditycause complete chaos wherever they appear.

The world economy is crumbling and waiting for the next Dethklok album to stimulate it back into order.