The premiere night was a glittering affair. Why would women and family audiences want to see so much gore? If he was the captain why was he speaking like he was faraway? One fine day, he falls in love with a Bengali girl named Parineetha Avika Gor and her father has some conditions for him to marry her daughter. Outside stood foot cutouts of the star cast: Earlier only good books and good movies were made.

Will only commercial cinema make money? At the food court I met Meenakshi from CoD and her friend Pallavi who had also come to see the movie, Sravanthi and her husband, Ramesh’s father and mother, Lalith’s father and mother, so all in all it was great fun bumping into so many people we knew. Minerva was known by its tag line: Now the industry is again used to use existing formulas, sequences, ideas without any remorse or responsibility under the guise of commercialism. That poster much credit for that goes for Koni who handled that issue well. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

I looked for help. He then meets with Archana and both fall in love, and both inform their Even time lines in most sports dramas are similar – say for people with some skill and preparation – a three month period will be perfectly fine to get things in place. Inside were rows of photographs from the film, and garlands of flowers.

I can’t imagine how these guys went back highcshool work after this.

CV Anand had seen the movie the day before with his family and chose bittorreny come again with us today because he said he really liked the movie. Through the screening; there was little reaction. The Sippys moved into damage-control mode. After reading that the movie is based on a book written by an ex-cricket player, this disapproval just got strong.


harimohan paruvu: January

But listen to me when I say this – this is not a movie that you can comment on or review instantly. The normally effusive and volatile man retreated into a shell. Theatres have increased which is a good sign Goo GHS and most importantly for me, the movie has come to play in Satyam theatre in Ameerpet which is a theatre that we have watched many movies ever since the time that we were children. golcondw

Has he highlighted an important issue and the development of character? One suggestion was re-shooting the end again.

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golcondw But for now, suffice to know that GHS was always a film that believed in itself, that was never short of self belief. Real Bullets were used for the close up action scenes. Joined by Raghavaiah, Padma and Srinivas. But they get united finally. Or maybe they are trained to speak in a secret code to throw off unwanted elements from their tracks. Edit Cast Credited cast: In September, Ramesh left for London to take his much-deserved holiday. Now the industry is again used to use existing formulas, sequences, ideas without any remorse or responsibility under the guise of commercialism.

So for the first time in my life I ended up seeing the same movie twice in a day.

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Real-time popularity on IMDb. Mostly however it was great fun seeing my old cricket mates and hearing their regular nonsense.

The lines at Minerva stretched a few kilometres, from the theatre to the nearby Tardeo bridge. Now most sports drama focuses on hard work, discipline, team work, leadership etc which is highscbool essential part of winning but to me what again makes the GHS campaign different from normal adrenalin driven sports is that it is a cold blooded, planned campaign.


It was almost as if time had stopped for all of us and despite the bulk, the grey hair, everyone seemed to slip back some twenty five years. Saachin was a veteran film actor with 60 films behind him from …. As negative feedback filtered in, Amjad became more and more silent. We were flying smoothly along at ft when this voice came on.

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Talking about plot, yes, it bears some similarity to CDI but you will not be reminded of this while watching the movie. Abhi kuchh samajh main nahin aa raha hai Stop the printing.

Several months later, Asrani ran into Amjad. Good enough for me. The movie did not leave me for long, it forced me to think, to find out what it was that was bothering me.

Is this a movie that movie goers would like their families and their children to see to learn hat character building is about?

All was well initially. But every week the collections were given to him over the phone.