People that are satisfied are selfish. There are too many spectators out there watching stuff on Instagram. Your intention is to close, so let them know it! The 10X Growth Conference was Grant Cardone’s first event and thousands of people showed up for it and stayed for three days. You need to have complete trust in that. Start listening to Young Hustlers on your phone right now with Player FM’s free mobile app, the best podcasting experience on both iPhone and Android. Clarify what the commitment is—Everyone can commit.

Penny pinching will never lead to wealth. Some are committed to drugs while others are committed to average. You need the right vehicle that sells the right product with the right volume and the right margin. Based on the definition, you need to trust them. Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise. Are you focused on the target or the work that it will take? Nobody is born a great salesperson.

What is your plan?

Close the Proximity Between You and the Target! Great Salespeople know the difference between an objection and a complaint.

For the st episode, Jarrod talks about Hustling and discusses his three fundamentals to hustling: So easy to find shows to follow.

Click here to reserve your spot: Grant and Jarrod discuss what you need to do now in order to prepare for the best year of your life. Know your sales process. Grant and Jarrod share their own personal stories about how they build income by applying 3 critical steps: You’ll discover how you can shift your mindset, win with prospects and build long-term relationships with your clients so you can thrive and advance in your career.


Grant and Jarrod ask why is this so hard for people to handle? You have no energy, you’re flat We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Be willing to take control of your financial freedom. Get Around the Right People.

Young Hustlers podcast moved to Cardone Zone. Lay out your goals and make them cardoen part of the way you live. Stay focused on goals 7.

A phone call, email, or personal visit? Remember it takes pressure to create anything valuable.

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Our offerings under Regulation D Rule c are available to accredited investors only. The market is never saturated with greatness, and sales become easy when you become great. How can you control your money? The market is never saturated with greatness, and sales become easy when you become great. When to Walk Away From a Deal. If you have clarity, then you can move faster. So why do we waste it?


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Success is hard 2. How do you handle family and the holidays? You need certainty to sell.

When these people tell others their dreams, those who hear them think they are crazy. It’s important to have individual successes, but you want to have a big win together as a couple. Watch him upgrade these hustleers from average to amazing.

Young Hustlers

You have to break bustlers down into little chunks. You get a lot of advice from others going through life—much of it bad. Quit demeaning yourself when it comes to the price of something.

Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows. Come up with responses to the phrases you hear so you can push past the objections and get sales. Clarify what the commitment is—Everyone can commit.