Examples from Dvin and Ani. Gives manuscript sources of songs. He took some disciples to a Greek island where there were many poisonous snakes and other harmful creatures. Only songs vocalized. Mez ajakcel e naev Pashtpanuthyan naxararuthyuneh: In Abeghian and K.

Moscow, Gos Izd-vo Khodozhestvennaia Literetura. Originally posted by Pilafhead: Observation of nature provided many decorative motifs, and the imagination supplied the fantastic figures in the manuscripts. Javakhk , and Artsakh Artsakh is another name for what is called Karabagh today. New York, Ashod Press. David of Sassoun reveals these functions.

My citations are derived from Ffilm libraries: May this beginning be followed in the future by another bibliographer who can extend what is here and perhaps include the folklore of Georgia and other areas of the Caucasus. Komitas was a native of Kutahya Kutaiah Turkey. Large part is critical study of David of Sassoun. The stanza version of mid- 17th century is given in text. Posted 12 October – The first volume was published in Shushi in Karabagh and later volumes in Tiflis.

I often first learned of new books in the field through her periodic gift-packages of three -by-five slips with valuable bibliographical information on them.

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Yerevanyan Oreri Xronikan Du grel es: Armenian writing developed a group of scribes and illustrators who produced 2 Moses of Khoren’s History speaks of the singers of the province of Goghtn. Family life, customs relating to weddings, birth, death; superstitions, fables, riddles, anecdotes, curses, oaths, blessings and prayers.

After his early education there he went to an industrial school in Tiflis. So ended the continuation of Armenian culture and folklore in the areas of Turkey once occupied by Armenians. Mez ajakcel e naev Pashtpanuthyan naxararuthyuneh: Bibliography of Agn, pp. Zonvori Hayrig went on to higher responsibilities, first as the Armenian Patriarch in Constantinople, and haukakan becoming Catholicos of the Zonvori church in Echmiadzin. Obviously other editors undertook the later compilations.


Though his life was brief, he left a lasting impression on later folklore collectors. His linguistic knowledge involved him in the Armenian spelling reform adopted in Ghanalanian, who selected 50 variants of the epic from which they put together the episodes that represented the story of the several generations haykqkan the epic.

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Armenian Review 1 2: Collected in from a narrator of Moks. Gives a folk song relating to Lake Van and explains significance of some expressions. Born in in Fresno, California, a city justly famous for its significant Armenian population, Anne Avakian grew up on a farm surrounded by many hatkakan of fruit trees.

She became more and more interested in folklore in general and Armenian folklore in particular. Mostly love songs pp. Based on mythological and artistic elements.

There are no original transcriptions of the folklore that Servantsian collected, but some of his letters are in the archives at Erevan. Razmakan, paterazmakan zhanri filmern arden irenc zhanrov nkarahanumnereh texnikapes bavakanin bard en: Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

Includes 1 82 recipes of which 7 1 are Armenian. Describes kinds of dances, including those that involve songs. He had also distributed a picture of Michael Nalbandian, a liberal thinker and activist in Russia. Describes special food samir ground millet, butter, milk.


Another word for minstrel is the Arabic ashugh, a zinvoru that refers to love, and this word was commonly used by Armenians. Brief information on baptisms, weddings; coins dropped from above, children pick coins.

What is fascinating is the striking parallels to the Biblical flight to Egypt as well as to the discovery of a narrator who reminds us of the peasant who told the epic David of Sassoun to Servantsian. Armenian Folklore Bibliography 11 Hay pusag, gam Haykakan pusapanutiun. Outstanding contribution to folk music. In medieval art Orientals have distinct artistic models of animal figures; snake fim peacock appear in Byzantine, Armenian, Persian, Central Asian, Indian Art as symbols.

Includes floral designs, and traditional designs from Armenian manuscript illustrations.

Vartan Press, pp. Menq da phordzel enq inch-or kerp cuyc tal: About some motifs used in Armenian magic, e. Includes story of lazy bride, p.

Emin was born in Persia and educated in India. Alan Dundes Berkeley, California Preface and Acknowledgments This bibliography was undertaken very late in my retirement, so it is necessary to declare its limitations.