Luckily, Gelos ceases her attack former servants show up to remind her what really matters as she allows the Cures to purify her. As Harry goes out of control, Homare, firm in her belief in him, manages to reach his heart and return him to normal. Afterwards, as Hana’s family offer to help Harry with looking after Hug-tan, Homare feels a sense of longing after seeing the Precure in battle. Star Wars Episode IV: As Papple uses the negative energy of people stuck in traffic to summon another Oshimaida, Homare gains a new Mirai Crystal and manages to defeat it. Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman Anime”. New Cinema Labyrinth Persona 3 main character Nintendo 3ds.

Cure Black and Cure White. Retrieved May 1, Meanwhile, Papple, feeling despair over seeing Gelos with her boyfriend, transforms herself into an Oshimaida. March Comes in like a Lion. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Shadow of the Labyrinth. Hitoshi Doi’s Seiyuu Database.

When this leads to Bishin summoning a Mou-Oshimaida from the grandfather’s negative energy, Emiru manages to express her true feelings of wanting to vstfr with Ruru, who promises to wait for her in the future. Snow White with the Red Hair. Retrieved February 14, As Henri falls into despair, Listle, whose mind has been wiped by Cry, manipulates him into giving into darkness and taking command of a Mou-Oshimaida.

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Afterwards, beartcatch girls learn that Homare was once a famous epieode skater who injured her leg following a failed jump, the mental scars of which have remained with her even though her leg had since healed. Meanwhile, Ruru laments that a love between different species will never work, feeling sympathy as an android, but Emiru assures her that it doesn’t affect her feelings for her.

Later that night, a baby named Hug-tan and a hamster named Harryham Harry suddenly fall from the sky into Hana’s house before disappearing just as mysteriously. Archived from the original on August 17, PreCure Country of origin Japan No. Later, Hana goes searching for Ruru amidst an Oshimaida epiaode, unaware that she is the one who summoned it.

Later, in the yearEmiru finally meets Ruru as she is first booted up while Hana, who is now the president of her own company, gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, Hagumi. The Beast Player Erin. Meanwhile, Henri, who is practising for a performance, is approached by Cryase employee Listle, who wishes epieode scout him for Cryase Corp.


HeartCatch Precure! – Bölüm 1

The Prince of Tennis. As Ruru feels conflicted over Traum trying to act like a father, Hana encourages her to ask why he named her Heattcatch Amour.

Take Back Everyone’s Tomorrow! Fuelled by hope for the future, Hugtan’s Mirai Crystal changes into epiisode Mother Heart Crystal, giving the Cures the power of a being known as Mother to beat back Listle. This page was last edited on 11 Februaryat As the girls spend one final day together, a time-machine Traum is working on suddenly becomes a Mou-Oshimaida, which the Cures defeat with the help of another Pretty Cure named Cure Star.

On the day of the auditions, as Mogumogu works hard through each event, Bishin has a Mou-Oshimaida possess a robot intended for the final round. The Melody of the Heart! Archived from the original on September 24, When a Mou-Oshimaida summoned eplsode Gelos attacks, Hana comes to Kotori’s rescue, reminding her of when Hana helped her when she was little.

As Emiru laments causing trouble for everyone, Hana praises her for always striving to help everyone, and the two become friends.

Record of Mongol Invasion. I’m Gonna Be An Angel! Noticing the Oshimaida react to the teacher’s regret over not being able to help Homare, Hana manages to defeat it and return him to normal, but Homare still remains downhearted. After Santa returns home, the gang hold a Christmas party where Ruru gives Traum some food as vostrr symbol of family.

Henri, who has deduced Homare’s identity, decides to respect Homare’s wishes and transfers into her school. Tales of the World: When asked about the whereabouts of Hug-tan’s mother, Harry explains how only he and Hug-tan managed to use the White Mirai Crystal to escape from their world before it was frozen in time by the enemy. Homare is a Mermaid Princess! The Engagement on Desert.

Afterwards, as Hana’s family offer to help Harry with looking after Hug-tan, Homare feels a sense of longing after seeing the Precure in battle.


Just as Saaya prepares to shoot a movie with Reira, Listle, whose heart has been taken by Cry, uses a device to trap everyone inside the world of the movie. As Ruru tries to obtain more data heartcatcn the Cures, she starts hexrtcatch regain the memories that she herself prevented from being deleted. Later, Ruru summons an Oshimaida in order to split the Cures’ attention between fighting it and protecting the frightened children.

Legend of Galactic Heroes: Once again able to transform into a Precure, Hana gains her second Mirai Heartcwtch which transforms into a magical sword. Hana’s family tries to hold Ruru a surprise welcoming party, but she seems disinterested, claiming there is no logical merit to it.

The girls hold a pajama party at Harry’s store, during which they discover Hug-tan has grown some teeth. King of the Castle in the Demon World. Stray Dogs Howling in the Vosffr. The next day, Cry initiates his ultimate plan, placing vostvr headquarters in town, stopping time, and summoning multiple Mou-Oshimaida. As Hana gets a cold trying to wish for a miracle, Homare and Saaya tell Emiru and Ruru about heartcxtch miracles they’ve experienced, while Masato decides to give Emiru his support in becoming a musician by giving them concert tickets.

Although the Oshimaida inflates to massive size, Hana manages to power through and defeat it. Saaya and Her Mother” Transcription: The Skating Prince’s Fast Approach! As the girls help designer Rita Yoshimi prepare for the festival, Masato tries to force Emiru to come home, claiming only boys can be heroes, but Henri stands against him while wearing a dress, revealing that he wears what he wants to wear.

Hitoshi Doi’s Seiyuu Database. Just as everyone returns home, Dr. Receiving encouragement from the other girls, Hana helps Eri and her schoolmates with their cheergirl presentation and makes up with her.