Why are these two so adorable? Cat Street Japanese Drama. All in all I do really like the bizarre love square of unrequited meaningful glances, mostly because of Kyu-won and the boys. I had a moment of thinking they could even go with the shin courts kyu-won to keep her from interfering in yoon-su’s true love route y’know, once he realizes he can never have her, so all he wants is for her to be happy It would be easy, since kyu-won is already gaga for him. Beethoven Virus Korean Drama. Crows Zero Japanese Movie.

Samz July 10, at 7: Kaseifu no Mita Japanese Drama. So Yi Hyun Main Cast. Shin looks out from his perch above the passing students, and then a smile breaks across his face. I like this series so far but I’m not dying yet while waiting for new episodes. I’m also terribly confused. Best episode so far. That raises her hackles and she insists that she can do it if she works hard, and he pretty much laughs in her face.

He seems to be in love with her still, which is epic badness. The King of Dramas Korean Drama. Jung Yong Hwa Main Cast. I found seok-hyun and kyu won amusing, but I really want shin and kyu won being together! I know this show is mainly about heartstrinbs four in the love-square, but I hope he shows up again and sings! Lol, Professor Yoon-soo can have Lee Shin. Anyone knows where I can watch this online? Runway Beat Japanese Movie. Between the bad haircut and the boho clothes PSH’s cute factor is being put to the test.


I am hoping that he will get over his issue and be the main lead in the musical.

Their worlds collide at a performing arts college, where he is majoring in Western Music and she in Korean Traditional Music. Park Shin Hye Main Cast. Hana Yori Dango 2 Japanese Drama. The Thieves Korean Movie. Bring it on, i’ve fallen for you – you’ve fallen for me! He tells them beartstrings these people are trainees, and have yet to even set foot on the stage.

Heartsteings actually want Shin to fall hard panting for the teacher Kyu-won takes his advice to heart, and heads straight to school, where she practices late into the night. That way, Shin can keep his puppy crush on YS.

We need more gayageum! Why does YH’s face remain unmoving? Uta no Onii-san Japanese Drama. Tree of Heaven Korean Drama. He tells Dad about the dance teacher that he has a crush on, and Dad says that he liked a woman once.

Spy Myung Wol-episode 8 ENG SUB | It’s the Beginning and the And

I want to see more of that guy. She leaves the coffee there and he finds it waiting for him when he arrives with the note: Cherry July 7, at 8: Let him be the other or shall I say the third guy to woo our heroine and let SHin kick himself. Kyu won and seok hyun all the way! You’ve made me so happy!!!! I need more interactions between the leads D:. She spins around and tells him that Yoon-su was madly in love with Seok-hyun, and that she left him to go to New York and pursue her dream.


I love that he instinctively always pets her like a dog or something. Full House Korean Drama. The King and the Clown Korean Movie.

Somebody please shake him SH sees Shin as a possible rival for KW, and feels he cannot compete against youth. Kyu Won, in which case everything makes sense, though very angsty. Ree July 9, at SH is so cute around her I love it that Kyu won is not a damsel-in-distress type.

Shortly after making baby Shin, Daddy Shin remembers he’s actually in love with himself and takes off, never to see baby Shin again.

Spring Waltz Korean Drama. Seok-hyun brings the musical script to Ki-young, who still refuses to participate.


YY July 8, at Kyu Won left him. He stops to add that he likes Yoon-su, just to make things clear.

At least she was slightly less of hesrtstrings downer in this episode. In fact, I think I actually enjoyed this recap a little more than watching the episode Shin decides to do the musical, buoyed by his latest encounter with Yoon-su. But at 4 episodes, there should be something shining between them, The only cute moments are when they’re not on screen together.

Btw, I like Gaze Tag – sad and sweet and short.