Voyager doesn’t have comm relays to spread info, but the Hirogen do. Colour me shocked on a number of levels, as this was a pretty decent episode to round the season out! Janeway is now Katrine, a French restaurateur and leader of the underground plotting against their Nazi occupiers. For once, Janeway manages to look this gift horse in the mouth and gets ultra-suspicious of everything coming up Millhouse suddenly all at once. Voyager ‘ s Talaxian morale officer, Neelix , plays a baker who ferries messages and secret codes to the resistance headquarters. Clare, with Voyager ‘ s brainwashed crew as their prey, members of the French Resistance.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The explosion overloads the holo-projectors’ already strained circuitry and blasts an opening from the holodeck into the rest of the ship. Alarm bells were ringing doubly for me here. Chief Engineer B’Elanna is a heavily pregnant French girl named Brigitte whose affair with a Nazi Captain allows her access to enemy areas. Ensign Harry Kim , who is being forced to expand the holodecks throughout the entire ship, works covertly with the Doctor to regain control of the ship and its crew from the Hirogen. Since the Doc has his transmitter thing which he seems to leave lying around like a pair of reading glasses he has achieved a bit of humanity.

Their hunts consist of themselves, the hunters, and their prey, who can be anything from a creature to a humanoid and they typically go after challenging adversaries which they deem to be worthy prey. Star Trek holodeck stories.

Audible Download Audio Books. Harry Kim especially, but Torres and Tuvok, and to a lesser degree Neelix, have been especially poorly served and squeezed out of any narrative development in season 4. Retrieved from ” https: Voyager season 4 episodes American television episodes. In the fourth season, in the The Killing Game episode, Captain Voyagdr shares the holodeck technology with the Hirogen.


Views Read Edit View history. Tom Paris Ethan Phillips Janeway takes advantage of his wisdom and the two establish a truce. Thanks to the handy-dandy super-massive communications network tapped into by 7 of 9 and a big hello to all you Hirogin out thereVoyager finally reaches communications range with Starfleet. Mirror Universe, without the Mirror Universe if you will.

So terrifying is this creation of science, that ONE particle alone wiped out warp travel in a space sector by kablooying subspace forever. All the same, well worth your time spent watching it.

What have we learned this season?

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Tal Shiar allies, the Hirogen and Elachi ships. Add the first question. Durakken Durakken 4, 8 A real reminder that when Trek mixes comedy with the drama, it can turn out some of its best episodes. Okay, despite the confusing cold open, it turns out that between episodes the Hirogen have gotten annoyed at being ignored for a whole story and have captured the Voyager.

Flesh and Blood

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It’s not surprising that they might epidodes caught up. So, it’s probable that they encountered different Hirogen individuals.

It prevents pointless foyager. Tom Paris Ethan Phillips Photons are their own anti-particles. The Hirogen territory extends into the Alpha Quadran firstly and any information would pass that way first.


Evil-Janeway considers who to execute first. Flesh and Blood 29 Nov Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know?

To them, we’re simply game. From Star Trek Online Wiki.

Voyager ‘ s Talaxian morale officer, Neelixplays a baker who ferries messages and secret codes to the resistance headquarters. Okay, who had 3. Vulcan tactical officer Tuvok learns there is another addition to his family, while Janeway learns her fiance has married another woman, having given her up as dead for three years.

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Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Wikiquote has quotations related to: Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? In Sickbay, the Doctor is furious that he must repeatedly save his crewmates from life-threatening wounds sustained as they are hunted in the simulations.

Harry Kim, by the way, is once again poorly served by a tertiary subplot about wanting a letter from his mummy and daddy.