Ash decides to sign up with Staravia. The competition jumps ahead as the final match comes down to Ash and Paul. Still, Staraptor’s new Close Combat move can’t stop Honchkrow from getting ahead of it. And so, the episode ends with both Ash and Staraptor looking forward to the challenges ahead. A strong gust of wind hits the group, causing Piplup to fly out of Dawn ‘s hands. Ash tries to encourage Staravia to get up, but Paul snubs him before ordering a finishing Sky Attack. As Honchkrow dives in for the knockout blow, Staravia takes to the air and evolves into Staraptor.

Honchkrow gets behind Dragonite and, thanks to its Super Luck Ability, knocks Dragonite out in one blow. Your request could not be completed. Honchkrow dodges and gets the ring as Dragonite turns and uses Fire Punch , missing. Share This Page Tweet. Credits Animation Team Iguchi. The competition continues until it’s down to Ash vs.

Ash is pleased, then shocked once he hears the match-up for the next round: S12 Episode 13 Noodles! It evolved off-screen between Riding the Winds of Change!

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Next up are James and Yanmega, facing a boy and his Skiploom. Credits Animation Team Iguchi. What makes Paul’s Froslass so much better than Paul’s Honchkrow? The attacks create a huge explosion, but Staravia takes damage and goes into a free fall, Honchkrow emerging relatively unharmed and rushing with Night Slash.

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Pursuing a Lofty Goal!

KOed a previous champion’s Staraptof when did this happen? S12 Episode 17 Stopped in the Name of Love! Yet at the last second, Staravia uses its wing to knock the ring onto episore pole, making Ash the winner.

However, Paul and Honchkrow immediately proved to be deadly opponents as Honchkrow outflew Dragonite at every turn and dodged its powerful Fire Punch and Dragon Pulse. GenallerDec 25, When it comes down to Froslass the only redeeming qualities about it is that it knows a status move in hail and the ability snow cloak,the thing with that is it’s not always gonna bail it out in battles.

It would be effective against the vast majority of opponents.

Skarmory fires Swiftwhich hits and causes Staravia to drop the ring. Skiploom rides it and grabs the ring, heading for the goal. S12 Episode 15 Trials and Adulations!

Honchkrow is considered to be the backbone of Paul’s team since it has rarely ever failed him, except in Top-Down Training! Skarmory turns around and executes a Fury Attack. Staravia dodges continually, eventually causing Skarmory to drop the ring, allowing Staravia to steal and bolt.

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Fireworks start as the competition prepares to get underway, Dawn noticing the crowd size. Personal tools Create account Log in. Honchkrow turns around and hits with Sky Attack, the two moves creating a powerful explosion and sending the ring away.

Staraptor quickly races towards Honchkrow, gets parallel and proceeds to attack with close range strikes. It managed to get the ring before Dragonite, but dropped it when Dragonite’s Dragon Rush landed a hit. It appeared again in Aiding the Enemy! Dawn comments on how Paul predicted the Quick Attack and that Staravia may not be able to match Honchkrow. PokemonBattleFanatic-Dec 30, Alas, James can’t actually read the wind at all, and Skiploom wins while Yanmega struggles in the breeze!


All Season 12 Episodes. And so, the episode ends with both Ash and Staraptor looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Paul’s Honchkrow

Honchkrow continues to put pressure with Aerial Ace, eventually striking Staravia and knocking the ring out of Staravia’s beak. Yanmega gets the ring first, dodges the Wingull, and places it on the goal, winning the match.

However, Honchkrow attacked with Sky Attack and crashed against Staravia’s Brave Birdwhich caused an explosion which damaged Staravia more than Honchkrow, but Staravia managed to hold onto the ring and recovered. It was used to battle Ash in Pedal to the Mettle! And Rhonda the reporter is covering the event with her Sinnoh Now news team, too!