I didn’t do it on purpose, serjo! Clavides pushes on the shield and it pulls back to reveal a tunnel down. I should like to test their metabolism in comparison to elves and humans. By Kynareth , this isn’t necromancy. That your cellar is filled with bodies? I was just doing that when you knocked at the door. Unfortunately, I promised Kema Warvim that I’d deliver the package directly to his lordship’s hands.

Clavides pushes the high-backed bench out of the way, revealing the large mounted shield at the base of the armor. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? I thought he was just raving, out of his mind. Though no one can be seen, there is the sound of a woman singing coming from the library door. What were you going to use on me first, lightning or fire? If you had finished, I wouldn’t notice the space in the dust where a rather large book has recently been removed. I hope we weren’t too rude to her. I thought he was just raving, out of his mind.

Ullis, I’ve seen enough battles, but I’ve never seen anything like this. And a pretty one, at that.

Dynamite Headdy – 8 – The Horror of Castle Xyr

I swear I got stage fright! The dosages you’ve suggested have had fascinating results, eroding her memory very subtly. Was that the kena who borrowed the book? Is there something Hirror can do for you? He only gives you the amulet. All the other servants and slaves who tend to his lordship travel with him. Actually, to tell you the truth, I was supposed to deliver them last night, but I was busy.


Skyrim: The Horror of Castle Xyr

Zollassa, a young Argonian mage Act I Late evening. Oh, serjo, cyr tease. YourJanissary YourJanissary 10 years ago 1 when you deliver the line “As, i hear, are all telvanni”, is there any way to not get attacked? Would you mind if I came in? In black ink “The Khajiiti male showed surprisingly little fortitude to a simple lightning spell, but I’ve had interesting physiological results with a medium-level acid spell cast slowly over several days. On stage right is a huge suit of armor, twenty feet tall, nearly touching the ceiling of the room.

I don’t believe so. ULLIS reading the letter: She appears agitated, and finally runs for the front door.

Clavides opens the package as Zollassa exits. He has a bad leg, so he asked me to bring these to his lordship. Could you get me a torch? Do you need a coat, Iachilla? We got nothing to hide. She never did understand what was happening, even when I tripled the poison spell and she castls in what I observed as considerable agony. Ullis, a Lieutenant of the Imperial Guard. My master slew that giant ten years ago, and kind of keeps it for a souvenir. Morrowind the horror of castle xyr.

I thought he was just raving, out of his mind.

Retrieved from ” https: The Nord then had an interesting chemical overreaction to a simple fire spell and expired. Was the acid spell cast uniformly over the entire body of the subject? It’s such a shame I can’t come to see the experiment personally, but I compliment you on your excellent notation. He was found a few hours ago dying of frostbite in the caste. Clavides runs down the stairs, and examines the armor.


I hope we weren’t too rude to her. Suddenly a bolt of lightning flashes out, and there is silence.

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Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine. You’re much more observant than Anara. You’re at the college, if we need to see you? Is your master at home? Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

That’s giant armor, just for decoration. I’m grateful for that. I mean, xyd would expect getting a role on stage? I was just cleaning! Forgot your username or password? I see that armor ever day, serjo, and b’vek I swear I ain’t never noticed the shield before!

Dying of frostbite in summertide in the ashlands?

No two are alike. Anara continues straightening up the downstairs, moving a high-backed bench in front of the armor to scrub the floor.