She wants the Mask of Anubis for Nina to put it on so she could enter the afterlife and reign as a goddess once again. I own nothin gexcept this story I have a annoucement to make I will make The Anubis Diaries with many couples. She silenced herself, knowing pushing it would cause mass chaos. He supported Mara all the way during the school election. Then, I fell on the floor. Eddie left, confusion entwining with his face.

We ate a awesome snackbar. After the Chosen Hour passes, and learning what remained of the Elixir of Life has been destroyed, Victor slowly ascends the stairwell to his study, utterly crushed and defeated. Why doesn’t he want me back? He was rooming with Fabian and Eddie! Eddie helps KT search for the door that the key unlocks, accidentally discovering that the history teacher Miss Denby also has a key. Jerome Clarke is portrayed by Eugene Simon.

They rush to rescue Harriet Denby, but discover she’s gone. He was the first to welcome Nina into the house of Anubis, and he is also shown to play the guitar. But in reality, he took on the new alias of the Collector and uses Vera to get the Mask of Anubis for him.

Robinson training together, cropped and doctored the photos to look like the two erdie involved with each other, and sent them to Mr. She was sent by her grandfather to protect everyone from a great evil that is about to be awoken in the Anubis house.

Kt runs into Eddie a bunch of times in episode 1 of season 3, and which Eddie keeps trying to talk to her about seeing her in his dream but ends up upsetting her when he talks about her grandfather. When the girls and i arrived back to Anubis House before we went shopping with Amber. But when Piper leaves the Anubis house he was not happy, but what Piper explained to him is that all she needed if a break from the music academy and told him she may visit once more.


I still loved her, but as a friend, right? You’re righty about KT.

He starts to fall in love with Patrica’s sister, Piper. Kt and Eddie will go to a cementary.

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Jerome give me a twenty please. She is jealous of Patricia because Patricia is the “fun twin. Eddie left, confusion entwining with his face. Also she is the great-granddaughter of Robert Frobisher-Smythe.

When I do realize I can’t ask it’s because, it would be like an overprotective boyfriend. In season 2, she has a short relationship with Fabian’s godfather, Jasper. I do not own HOA. In the third anhbis, Patricia and Eddie have broken up during the summer and she is beginning to dislike the new girl, KT.

Eddie faces the real Sibuna traitor. In S3 EP1 she always wanted to share with Amber because she’s so amazing. Reading a book on stitching clothes. Piper Williamson is Patricia’s twin sister who skipped her flight to a music academy edddie Milan to visit her sister in England. She sent an evil look to Eddie and the gears in my head began spinning. She rubbed her arm thoughtfully and said “Well, I should-ah, go.

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Wow, I will never understand girls. I wanted to scream bravely, No, I’m not! However, Joy is a very debatable and complicated character, she is neither black or white, nor good or bad; she is a gray character.

In season 2, Patricia shows an kkiss for Rufus under his alias, revealing that Rufus had apparently died. KT spoke “Well, we must’ve solved all the mysteries.


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The boys were grinning and the girls looked happy. The nicest thing was that we were watching breaking dawn part 2. I call him Marc for short. I first i thought I was going to get exdie trouble.

When I opened the door and saw Fabian in Joy and Esdie clothes. When she’s in the middle of a conversation, she will often get into certain details and then drift off, so Nina can only get a certain amount of information from her at a time. Only 4 more episodes!

He often comforts KT when she gets emotional, much to the dismay of Patricia. RFS is going down! She is currently in a hospital and the doctor says ,iss is nothing serious.

Ever since I met fabian we can communicate I did the same and shook his hand in saying: Daphne Andrews is the French and as seen in one episode, English teacher at the school. After another second of moment’s confusion, I take the laptop downstairs. She choked out “Can’t breathe-“”Sorry. She can age, de-age, and cast hexes through “The Power of Ma’at. He was a resident of Anubis House, along with Eric Sweet. He said “You okay?

I want to pull her in, put her somewhere safe, somewhere hidden, and fight her fights for her.