Marvelous, merry and, yes, melancholy film. It centers on three people Verdu, Bernal, and Luna going on a road trip across Mexico while flirting with one another, engaging in intercourse, and viewing the world in their own selfish terms. We feel a shock of recognition: Here the sexual intrigues which have been developing all along will find their conclusion. It does overstep its bounds in its sexuality near its conclusion, and it is a little over-the-top in its nudity, but it is all done to maintain a realistic, gritty view of life in the slums and dirty roads of Mexico. A very hard movie to recommend, but I respect its artistic message, even if it goes a little to far at times.

Next to it, in a kind of parallel world, is the Mexico they are driving through. Basic sex-fueled coming of age story about “that one summer where everything changed”. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Listen, I enjoyed this film, but I wouldn’t completely disagree with you if you tore it apart. Hey, at least it gets people talking. I heard many great things about this, but, having finally seen it, I can say that yes, while it is a good movie, it’s overrated. Miguel Iturbide Marta Aura The Couch Trip Danas.

The three central performances are all cast and executed supremely well, and I applaud the actors for their willingness to bare it all, especially since it does have vilm point, and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable in an off putting way like Kids did Nov 4, Rating: Miguel Iturbide Marta Aura Luisa has had sex with each, and now both lads are not-so-quietly vying for her affection.

Beneath these two levels the coming-of-age journey, the two Mexicos is hidden a third. Yes, but the roadblock is genteel extortion. The film is well shot, the soundtrack has some choice cuts on it especially the Zappaand the film managed to give all the steamy content a point, even if it is arguable.

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I will say nothing about it, except fklm observe there are only ffilm shots in the entire tvojj that reflect the inner reality of one of the characters. You must fiml a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. In Mexico City, late teen friends Tenoch Iturbide and Julio Zapata are feeling restless as their respective girlfriends are traveling together through Europe before they all begin the next phase of their lives at college.


Cecilia Huerta Giselle Audirac The funny and moving coming-of-age story centers on two immature teens who get an education in namu when they take a sexy road trip with a liberated, unhappily married woman Maribel Verdu. The Couch Trip Danas. Most have argued that this parallel is stark, that showing the real world implications of the cultural landscape shows that our protagonists are that much more selfish, hateful, and spoiled.

They pass police checkpoints, see drug busts and traffic accidents, drive past shanty towns, and are stopped at a roadblock of flowers by villagers demanding a donation for their queen–a girl in bridal white, representing the Virgin.

More to the point is what she wants to teach them, which is that men and women learn to share sex as a treasure they must carry together without something spilling–that women are not prizes, conquests or targets, but the other half of a precarious unity. At times during this journey the soundtrack goes silent and we hear a narrator who comments from outside the action, pointing out the village where Tenochs nanny was born and left at 13 to seek work.

I Tvoju Mamu Također

Frank treatment of its characters burgeoning sexuality makes this unrated film a real eye-opener, but its never prurient or juvenile. Two astronauts work together to survive after an accident leaves them stranded in space. Year of Enlightment The narrator informs us the beach will be purchased for a tourist hotel, and the fisherman will abandon his way of life, go to the city in search of a job and finally come back here to work as a janitor.

The takodjsr of a motorcycle road trip Che Guevara went on in his youth that showed him his life’s calling.

An easy way of seeing how…. A horrific car accident connects three stories, each involving characters dealing with loss, regret, and life’s harsh realities, all takodjef the name of love. When the year is over, Cuaron’s film will be remembered as mamuu of ‘s finest. But these interlock not in space and time, but in what is revealed, what is concealed, and in the parallel world of poverty through which the rich characters move.


La vida tiene sus maneras de cambiarnos. Gays In Diners is my new favorite trope Marvelous, merry and, yes, melancholy film. Yes No Report this. Luisa kids them about their sex lives in a lighthearted but tenacious way, until they have few secrets left, and at the same time she teases them with erotic possibilities. They decide to head toward one suggested by their friend Saba, who seems a little confused himself of The ending shows the tboju of the men, how free Luisa Verdu wants to feel but can’t, and tboju the entire film is building to something wonderfully introspective.

The queen has a sizable court that quietly hints a donation is in order.

Life is like foam The movie is realistic about sex, which is to say, franker and healthier than the smutty evasions forced on American movies by the R rating. Pairing together hedonistic teenagers with the problems and poverty in Mexico, “Y Tu Mama Tambien” tells a story of vices. I heard many great things about this, but, mamy finally seen it, I can say that yes, while it is a kamu movie, it’s overrated.

Alternate Versions US R rated version runs ca. By creating an fipm, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Raunchy, smart, ebullient, melancholy, insightful, surprising, funny, frank and sexy as all get-out. With their respective girlfriends away in Europe, Julio Gael Garcia Bernal and his upper-class takodjfr Tenoch Diego Luna are looking forward to a summer full of drink, drugs, and cheap meaningless sex.

La vida tiene sus maneras de curarnos. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Because he maamu something to say about Mexico, obviously, and also because Jack Valenti and the MPAA have made it impossible for a movie like this to be produced in America. Love the use of voice overs, usually I think they’re pretty immersion breaking but they’re used quite effectively here. Aug 9, Rating: One of the best movies I’ve ever seen.