I had no one to share my joy of 49 Days but here. About the sisters thing, well yeah the writter should have dropped more hints. Kang was never interested in YiKyung and YiKyung was the same. Nam Gyu Ri acting is amazing. Btw, I wonder how S. Posted January 14,

In reality, we never have such a choice as well for dear ones around us, or our own end, but the fond memories live on. Unbeknownst to Ji Hyun or Scheduler when he gave her the quest , even if she succeeded, she was always going to die 6 days later. The drama was wonderfully done by an awesome cast. Thank you so very much! He reaches out his hand and helps her up, telling her that she did well this time. Posted January 16,

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It was truly a meaningful and wonderful drama from beginning to the end.

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Kang reveals that he saw the same backpack and shoes as the older sister was wearing in the pictures. Will definitely look into the drama that you hv recommended and visit your blog more often. I believe the sister plot was crucial because Yi Kyung was able to have a family again. I really admire and solute Korean writer with their creative ideas in romantic-fantasy genre of drama and other genre as well. I hope one day I can innoceent something this good.

But they could have at least showed Ji Hyun in Heaven or something! Overall, bravo for the entire cast. I salute the writer for writing such a meaningful drama script. Then I learned that he sings, and boy, does he sing well. I loved this drama so much just because it told such a wonderful story. In a way, this is still a happy ending because everyone was given this sense of hope and that they are also given a chance to have a happy future even Min Ho.

Believing epislde exist is an emotion. Such a waste indeed! Korean drama your ladykorean drama your lady eng sub ep 1, korean drama your ladykorean drama your lady eng suh ep This is not the conventional happy ending, but it is a happy ending for everyone involved as they learned to accept enh fate and be thankful episodr what they had.


Episode 20

Yi Kyung surmises that Yi Soo probably brought jnnocent back. Btw, I wonder how S. I just finished 49 Days, and I loved this recap. All the misunderstandings in the drama came episoce because of mis-communications that were caused because someone thought it would cause less pain to NOT communicate their love and caring for the other person.

Some, will be upset and sad, that our Kang ah and Shin Jyung did not end up together to live a fairy tale such life, as we so hoped. She promises to wait three more years until he is released, she was the reason he became this way.

Without the accident she would have married Min Ho and then plop, died some days later, when her time to leave arrived. When Ji Hyun had gone in for further tests after she woke up from her coma, the doctor who came in was none other than Scheduler.

In Jung tells Min Ho to stop lying to himself, he is feeling guilt eg wants to stop. He loved and did so much for Ji Hyun, but in the end she died. Is there another site from where to take them? Thanks Ockoala once again.

Koreans viewers reacted to the finale? By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, The running slots are quite confusing without any announcement from the station.

Love n like it. Prev 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Next Page 19 of Innocrnt will definetly watch it again soon. I remember Ji Hyun told Yi Kyung that even though she will be gone, there will be more good people around her soon. Her quest was never about coming back to life, it was about making things right in her own ma.


I episide cried through the whole episode and your comments made me sob again. In giving back his memory earlier, it allowed Yi Soo to change what he wanted to spend his day doing with Yi Kyung. I was kinda disappointed at imnocent part.

Besides, now that Yi Kyung knows that Ji Hyun is her sister, it would totally be off to fall in love with the man your sister loves. To exact revenge, the man uses another woman who lost her memory.

He reaches out his hand and helps her up, telling her that she did well this time. The drama was wonderfully done by an awesome cast.

Now off to watch Best Love because I need to stop crying. I also like In Jung and Min Ho…they are the type of antagonists that leave good impressions in people.

Posted January 21, Min Ho tells her that he made his own choices, and he tells her to live her own life. I come here to calm down and find other people who found the episodd to be worthwhile. When the restroom door opens, Eun-Gi walks out and collapses onto Ma-Roo. Episodes 19 and 20 with subs added.

Innocent Man Episode 19

I love you Koala for your recaps and writer So for writing this drama. Bihyeong is being an idiot. Scheduler sits there crying with her, and realizing that this is what his sunbae was hinting at. XD Thanks Koala for not giving this up! But with the happy ending, though i like happy endings, I am kinda satisfied that it didnt end up happy.