Well, a box and whisker plot. That could be Box plots are drawn for groups of W S scale scores. So I got that 1 right over there. Q, start subscript, 3, end subscript, equals, 35, point. So let me put the 1 at the beginning of our set. This could also be

So we can plot it right over here. And it’s essentially dividing our data into two sets. And what I’m hoping to do in this video is get a little bit of practice interpreting this. This suggests that overall students have a high level of agreement with each other. Maybe I’ll do 1Q. And then up here, we have So it shows you how far they’re spread or where the meat of the spread is. Standard Three sets of data are given in each worksheet.

And I can do this in a different color that I haven’t used yet. So, it’s going to be the mean of this and this, is going to be Well if you look at this possibility up here, we saw that three out of the seven are older than Making a box plot.

Box and whisker plot: how to construct (video) | Khan Academy

So it’s possible that it’s true, it’s possible that it’s not true based on the information given. Creating a box plot odd number of data points. And then we have another two. So if we look at this first bottom half of our numbers essentially, what’s the median of these numbers? And they tell whiskwr that the maximum is This is one 6.


So this is the median for all the trees that are less than the real median or less than the main median. If you’re seeing this message, it means we’re having trouble loading external resources on our website.

Reading box plots

And what I have here are five different statements and I want you to look at these statements. And that could be Complete the five-number summary by finding the min and the max. A fourth are between 21 and it looks like There’s a year spread between the oldest and the youngest tree. But it’s very important to think about what types of actual statements you can make and what you can’t make and it’s very important when you’re looking at statistics to say, well you know what, I just don’t know.

Now, let’s take the median of each of those sets. It shows you the middle half.

I think we’ve got all the 3’s. So this right over here would be halfway between, well, halfway between 10 and 15 is It could be 10, it could be 11, it could be 12, it could be Video transcript An ecologist surveys the age of about trees in a local forest. We’ll have to construct some scenarios. What is a box and whisker plot? And then up here, we have It wouldn’t change this box and whiskers plot.


Lower quartile Twenty-five percent of scores fall below the lower quartile. Want to learn more about interpreting quartiles?

Box and Whisker Plot Worksheets

And so it is exactly half. And so when we’re looking for a median, you have two middle numbers. So pllot my number line. So this right over here is 6.

This is going to be seven. We have that 6. Well, we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 data points. So I’ll call it Q1 for our first quartile. So what is the smallest number here?

And they of course tell us what the minimum, the minimum is seven. So this is in the middle of all of the ages of trees that are less than Anyway, hopefully you found this interesting. This is the second quartile right over there. So this is a part that we would attempt to represent with the box.