Khushi is surprised to see Arnav help her serve food to the guests. Shyam is happy as Anjali fails to find the necklace, but Nani stops Manorama from searching Khushi. What will Khushi do? Khushi worries why Arnav messaged her instead of Anjali and prays for him. Arnav accuses Khushi of deliberately disrupting the show. Khushi learns about Anjali’s mother’s birthday.

Akash tells Anjali about his feelings for Payal. Akash apologises to Payal for hiding the truth about her broken wedding from Manorama. But Arnav then asks her to leave the house. Manorama agrees to the marriage, but with a condition. Arnav does not talk to Khushi. Meanwhile, Shyam decides to meet Khushi.

Anjali plans a big Teej puja and Arnav supports this idea. Akash reassures her that he will always be her son. Will he keep his promise?

Khushi spies on Shyam

Arnav does not talk to Khushi. He helps with the wedding arrangements. Khushi explains the significance of Diwali to Lavanya. Payal invites Aakash to have tea with her parents.

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Meanwhile, Anjali and Shyam try to change Arnav’s view on marriage. Arnav instructs her to look happy in front of his family. Arnav thinks Khushi is crying to gain his sympathy. Khushi realises that Arnav is her boss and she is working in his company. After confessing their feelings for each other, Arnav refuses to let go of Khushi’s hand.

Arnav overloads Khushi with work. Nani is irritated with Manorama. Khushi without informing Madhumita meets Shyam and by coincidence Madhumita reaches the same market. In order to hide from Madhumati, he hides under the table.


She accuses of him for ruining her life.

Arnav sees Khushi working in the rain. What will Arnav do? Khushi feels completely out of place when she goes to meet Lavanya Kashyap at office. Nani threatens to break all ties with the Raizada family and forces Manorama to accept Payal as her daughter-in-law. How does the meeting between Khushi and Arnav go? Arnav humiliates Khushi again, but Nani supports her and asks him to behave.

Madhumati asks Khushi to wear her old wedding dress on the wedding day. She convinces him to take a bath under the street tap. But Khushi retaliates and punctures his car tyre. At the Sangeet rehearsal, Anjali introduces Khushi and Payal to the choreographer hired for the ceremony.

Khushi is bullied by a rowdy gang. Khushi informs her father about the job offer and manages to get his permission to work. Later, Khushi is upset as she fails to buy any silver or gold on Dhanteras.

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Arnav and Khushi fight for the couch, but end up sharing it. Payal tries to hide Akash from Madhumati while he is stuck to a chair.

Arnav helps Khushi untangle herself from the light wires. But Shyam overhears her conversation. Khushi realises that she is in love with Arnav.

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Later, Arnav tells Khushi that he is happy to stay away from her, but thinks about her once she goes away. Manorama unwillingly welcomes Payal into the house. Meanwhile, Arnav decides to tell Anjali the starplayfr about Shyam and Khushi. However, Shyam consoles him and asks him to consider Nani’s decision. The next morning, Manorama wakes up Lavanya and asks starplzyer attend the aarti. Khushi cannot believe that Arnav is making her pay for the damage to his car.


Shyam finds out that Arnav and Khushi are not sleeping together when he goes to their room. She makes fun of Arnav on the stage. Khushi makes Nani happy by telling her about her plans to make diyas. She asks Arnav to stay back for the pooja, but he refuses.

Will she manage to expose him? Khushi explains the disadvantages of a live-in relationship to Lavanya. Akash drops Buaji and Payal home after the pooja, but Khushi stays back. Nani and Lavanya continue their fake fight to make Khushi stay.

Nani talks to Laxmi about her plan with Khushi. Anjali and Nani demand an explanation for their sudden wedding.

Khushi thinks Arnav is practising black magic. Arnav does not tell the cop that he is the driver. Later, Khushi refuses the prize money. Shyam tries to cheer her up by getting sweets and decorating the house.