But she doesn’t rush off to the kindergarten principal Susse Wold to accuse Lucas of sexual abuse or indecent exposure. It’s a frightening and all too convincing story that has its parallels in current events in Britain, where deep waters are being plumbed and disturbing ripples created by the Jimmy Savile affair. Like more physical contact would make people suspicious. Very good Alec, thank you. The alternate ending on the dvd was chilling. After all, why does the man not simply reload and kill him? This is evident regarding any type of trial. Yet nothing about her lie is random, and so in one way the trailer advertises a narrative fallacy.

Young girls are being coaxed into early sexualisation through advertising, movies, dolls, magazines, television and pop music. But Vinterberg was apparently attempting to escape the oppressive corner he’d driven himself into and set aside the material his visitor had given him. The Australian also discuss this at length in their review of the film: Retrieved 25 February Agreed—the shooter is blurred purposely by the sun, very likely meant to be figurative—the sense that Lucas in the last scenes never really quite feels comfortable around his community. In fact, he does not blink the entire time he looks back at Theo. Many people believe memory works like a recording device.

The finish of the film is obviously a metaphor, or it can be real. Here is some advice from the “Child Safety For Parents” website on the “profile of a paedophile”: Often when domeinen is wrongfully accused of child abuse, the child was abused by another person or several in a small community.

It also stars Mads Mikkelson and the performances are outstanding. Under the guise of protecting their town and their children, their vitriolic behaviour is accepted as normal, and Lucas continues to be ostracised. Things seem to be looking up when he explamation as a lover a well-educated woman from eastern Europe doing domestic work locally. On jaghen hunting expedition to commemorate the event, an unseen person apparently shoots at Lucas and misses him.

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Many people believe memory works like a recording device. A lie receives the status of truth because of its collective social acceptance. Nothing unpredictable or startling at this point.

For leaked info about upcoming movies, twist endings, or anything else spoileresque, please use the following method: Mads Mikkelsonthe actor who played Lucas, discussed this at length in an interview with Collider:.

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It being a metaphor fits much better. In The HuntLucas is wrongfully accused of explqnation molestation.

Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt Analysis: Truth, Lies, and False Memory

Theo, the father of Karla, tells him that if he is guilty, he will put a bullet in his head. Most tellingly, in the scene where Klara was first exposed to pornographic material. Cineoutsider discussed this as well, although with much less sympathy for the townspeople: Although it does serve its purpose of startling the audience and putting them to a different jagen of confusion and thinking, it is significantly not important.

Retrieved 10 December I find that they’re all innocent, sweet, and dxplanation people who have this splinter in the eye that takes away their innocence. But – None of this changes the fact he was accused of a heinous crime. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The preschool’s director, who believes children would not lie about such a thing, informs the other parents that abuse likely occurred and asks them to look for signs of sexual abuse in their own children.

People have focused so much on how the committee will never be able to fully accept him but I think that would be a too way street because he would know these folks betrayed him.

This is shown clearly in the previous scene to the ending one when Lucas carries Explanatlon over the mosaic tiled floor; here the viewer fears that someone might see him lift her, get the wrong idea and add fuel to the ever-simmering doubt that he was actually guilty…. Vinterberg’s film adeptly makes the point that Klara’s lie is a result of confusion — a leakage of a kind of tectonic ambiguity which exists beneath rxplanation society, muddying the relations between adults and children.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Based on transcripts of police interrogations conducted on suspected pedophiles in Denmark, the US and other European countries — Vinterberg investigates cause-effect with chilling authenticity.

I saw it yesterday too. Lucas, the decent man marginalised by social change, is transformed into an object, a threat to the community, someone to be ganged up against, a dangerous figure who helps those around him discover a new sense of angry unity. Interesting, it might just be me though but that seems like it may be grasping at straws.


Therefore, in this very long answer Movif tried to address a whole range of topics to hopefully give some indication as to my subjective interpretation of events. Seeing the consequences of her lie, Klara tells her mother she made up the story and that Lucas is innocent.

Best Foreign Independent Film. Soon after she causes harm, Klara attempts to recant moviee false accusation without success. The people around Klara – the police, child psychologists, teachers, friends, sibling – are frantic to convince her of the veracity of her accusation, and in doing so ‘fill in’ her imagination until she is unsure of her own mind; unable to distinguish memory from fiction.

There are no right answers to this question. Then I realized, the shooter is the most unimportant person in the movie.

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He will always be targeted for his supposed sins and the court of public opinion will never leave him be. Thanks for all the reccomendations, this was my first introduction to a foreign film outside of 7 Samurai, and that was many years ago.

I think it would be far more likely you would see some detachment on his part towards the folks and you saw non of it. The Others as Klara said on Lucas front explanatiin.

Friends have known each other for years, people know people on a first name basis, many have lived here for generations and Lucas, is just another face in this jolly, close-knit community — mellow, respected and well-liked. Your comment somehow reminded me of it. Very good Alec, thank you.

It took almost 10 minutes to read your answer, in the end, I felt it’s jagtsn spending time on your answer. Lucas and Nadja are in their relationship again, and Movoe is accepted into the local hunting society as an adult.

I am sure that purposely the scenarist put many leads, but I think he left this door open too … please tell me your opinion about this ….