Banning sites is not going to help anyone. He had a linguistic training at Alliance Franchaise in the year , which made him very fluent in French. Sani Danja is regarded as the most sought after face in the movie industry. As education magnetic as he seems, Sani quest for knowledge helped him secure admission for his Advanced Diploma in Public Administration at FCE Kano, an academic pursuit he is into since late Sani Danja on Twitter. Because of the crisis, we had to leave Kano to shoot the film. Camera phones were out in full force and Sakna’s friend Kannywood actress Zainab Idris pulled out her best dance moves for the occasion c Carmen McCain.

I tried to ask him about his ordeal the year before, at the hands of the Kano State Censorship Board. A sakonnin da suka wallafa a shafukansu na sada zumunta na Instagram, jaruman sun yi addu’ar Allah ya gafarta wa marigayiyar. Today, though, I did want to quickly post a link to a film that is worth watching, Duniya Juyi Juyi. This public support for PDP among some of the most visible film practitioners had put Kano based filmmakers in danger the week before. Sani steadily climbed the ladder of success armed with hard work, determination and sheer talent, natural born entertainer,a very good dancer at the early age of 12, was blessed with a sonorous voice that never seized to thrill his audience. While concerns over piracy are legitimate, it would be much better to encourage these sorts of creative approaches than in trying to suppress them. I am an American here in Kano because of film. I have more photos not yet uploaded to flickr that I may add as I have internet time, so stay tuned for more pics.

During the time for feedback after the screening, Mustapha Musty called hahsa the government to support these students for further education in filmmaking. Hoton Hakkin Mallaka nazifiasnanic nazifiasnanic. Director Muhammadu Balarabe Sangowho died on 1 December Eventually, I was able to overcome my embarrassment enough to watch parts 1 through 3 of the Ibro Ya Auri Baturiya and to look at it with enough distance to include an analysis of it in my PhD dissertation.

I hated to miss the event, but I was glad to hear about it from so many friends who had also received the award.

Sani Danja

In the making of the film itself, the boys most featured were teenagers, rather than the youngest and smallest boys who are often the most vulnerable. The mobile court Biffa referred to seemed to be attached to the censorship board and was presided over by Justice Mukhtar Ahmed at the Kano airport. More will come soon. Hannah, who interacted with many almajirai and their teachers, has a different perspective.


In an even more bizarre twist, in SeptemberTrust and other papers reported that Rabo, after being observed late at night by police in suspicious circumstances with a young girl in his car, fled from police. Baballe Hayatu has a quiet moment before the beginning of the event. A film that was now used by over 30 countries as resource material. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was governor nobody ever came out on the radio and said that actresses were prostitutes, that we were making blue films, that we were rogues.

An yi jana’izar fitacciyar jarumar Kannywood Hauwa Maina

Ever since he discovered his talent in acting, the faced thespian has never looked back. Allah yasa can yafi miki nan. While this film is groundbreaking in the presentation of the stories of almajirai as told by themselves, there are still voices that are not completely heard in this story. The malam is rarely critiqued here. After he was eventually arrested and released by the police, Governor Shekarau promised to open an inquiry into the. Sani Danja told me he had never been interested in politics until he saw the need to challenge what was going on in Kano State.

At least none that I was given.

Aminu learns how to survive without the comforts of family, from finding a place to sleep, water for hhausa, the ever-present search for food, and the struggle to study while hungry, to settling into the life at school, being given domestic work by a housewife Lubabatu Mudaki and work in a shop by a shopkeeper Mustapha Mustyand finally the happy completion of his studies. I said I would do it, if I could get an interview with Ibro.

Beyond death, the figures and faces of these actors and actresses will keep running and clapping, speaking and laughing, singing and dancing through our lives for as long as the plastic of the VCDs last and the television channels continue to broadcast them into our homes.

What we can do is actually find a way of incorporating it, because first of all, they have the distribution channel. Arriving at the Institut around 3pm, I was given food by the almajirai and spoke with producer Hannah Hoechner, a German PhD candidate at Oxford University whose research on almajirai had inspired her to make a film in which almajirai could speak for themselves.

She was able to source funds from the Goethe Institut in Kano fikm help several of the almajiri boys she knows produce a film to tell their stories from their own perspective. Eating on set of Ibro Ya Auri Baturiya. The malams haysa on the front row of the crowded outdoor theatre and seemed to fully enjoy the show, laughing and nodding in appreciation as they saw their lives re-enacted on screen.


In the car chase he was also reportedly involved in a hit and run incident with a motorcyclist. It may be jlila harnessing piracy websites for legal distribution is the best way to go, rather than trying to suppress them.

We thank God for bringing Kwankwaso back to lead us. According to the academic, Iyan-Tama Multimedia Limited has played key roles and contributed immensely in the 20th years of its existence.

Until her death, She was the wife of renown playback singer, Musbahu M Ahmed. Tsallake Instagram wallafa daga realsanidanja. It is therefore with great jubilation that Iyan-Tama Multimedia called on all and sundry to witness its 13th anniversary as well as to celebrate 20 years of the existence of the film industry.

Table of Contents Sani Danja. Banning sites is not going to help anyone. I had written throughout the last four years of my PhD programme, even through the defense.

tilm The late Maryam began her filmmaking career in early s and rose to stardom by I was also struck by the presence of Kannywood professionals, who interacted kindly and easily with the almajirai. I first met her inand the film I first remember her in is Dan Zaki.

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The villagers know about the world, yet the world does not know about them. What I found most remarkable about the film was that although the boys were trained in filmmaking by Hausa film professionals and several Kannywood actors helped add polish to the film, the preproduction and production of the film was carried out by the almajirai themselves. Then it was time to act. I mention him over 40 different times in my PhD thesis, and do an extended analysis of his film Kotun Ibrojalilaa sly dig at the mobile court which persecuted so many filmmakers during the censorship crisis.

Labarai masu alaka Kannywood. Sani Danja’s Facebook Profile. Interview jallia People’s Daily Online, September Other filmmakers complained that there was confusion about under what jurisdiction arrests were being made. Sani Danja is regarded as fjlm most sought after face in the movie industry.