The two flew to Color Wheel’s apartment, ignoring all the murmuring ponies, and Luna shut the door behind them. I mean why not someone who is better with politics? The poster showed Spitfire wearing goggles and a fur lined jacket lying seductively on the barrel of an airship’s cannon. And some people, myself included in some cases, can have a difficult time separating pictures of that Pinkie Pie from canon Pinkie Pie. This is just a quick kiss on the lips, nothin’ dirty, and we reserve the right to refuse anypony who ain’t washed their face or who we think is just a little too frisky. Nightcore is the aleged neice of his, and speaks in plum. His two assistants–and most successful experiments–are Blunt Trauma and Athena.

I approve of this Tumblr idea, even if we don’t quite get it going just for producing this art. Also currently writing a fic as a hobby. It was enough to make a mare contemplate defecting. Ah’m thinking yer tryin’ to stir up trouble for the sake of it. It does beg the question of how that works with horseshoes. And Tetris effect only applies with exposure and before that it was a keyboard thing, and before that a typewriter thing. Finding Your Voice http:

Limited discussion time and then ja;pleacks designated person in the rotation gets to select the final answer to be put up, rather than the tumblr admin having to do it every time. He was of course ridiculed for this but he never gave a flying feather because he knew that one day he’d get his cutie mark and he’d finally shut everypony up.

And the political pony in him pointed out that having a royal protegee training under him would probably come in handy during budget negotiation season. Wears a dark brown jacket and goggles. Another good tool this one http: We might want to ponify it a bit – Jitty Pea, for instance.


Lone Star once was struck by lightning because he was confused about his current romantic interest.

Full sail ryan farish

Don’t give me that, I’m sure that doctor was legit. Measuring around seven feet of purple destruction, Blunt consists of bits and pieces of other ponies, a bit of bear, and is for all intents and purposes nigh invulnerable. That really annoyed me back when I still played. But he persevered and kept trying new things until one morning in his sophomore year of high school ha he was fed up.

Jappleack’s Sorrow Chapter 2 Episode 2

WE want sompony who can show how neighborly Equestria can be. Kid, “Pinkie Pie” is one of your national heroes. It’s frustrating when somepony goes through the trouble of linking you to sotrow studies, quoting the relevant point an then explaining it, and your rebuttal is to link a trope, post a smilie and then assume you’ve defeated them.

Also, instead of an “ask blog” to start we could make a webcomic Of one of our roleplay adventures to start us off and introduce people?

It might be a continuous, natural see invisibility effect. Also I don’t really have an OC. I look forward to your post of all the OCs in every subsequent thread. Question who would you throw a pie at for a bit?

Well, it will still be the Giant in the Playground ponythread pony, so I do think it could be giant. Silent Night Pony type: I think it would be of importance for you to inquire her location through a short converse with her male guardian? You’ll thank me later.

Oh and I would also ask why they have several small booths instead of one giant booth. I was thinking for when things get set in how we do things this question from tumblrbot could be a nice introduction post: Artists live on stress. His vision blurred to the point where he could barely make out shapes, and he swore he felt something in his chest make a sound between a popped water balloon and eipsode crushed can.


His two assistants–and most successful experiments–are Blunt Trauma and Athena.

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I need to get my cutie mark! Lived a fairly normal life as a rookie of the Weather Patrol, being relocated to a new town every few years as her skills improved.

She was exposing her flank and cutie mark, wings outspread and lustful eyes. Darkish Red Cutie Mark: The Swiss should have stopped at knives!

Technically it was ol’ Oppy with the Matrix, but itis now my headcanon he had help. I don’t know, my day off’s tomorrow, if things don’t explode in my face maybe I’ll draw up a backdrop something kinda tiered, ’cause everyone will chaprer to draw their ponies small to fit on the canvasthrow it out, and see if it gets drawn on.

And thus, our eleven month project full of chaos and frustration is Jappoeacks. One thing, I think, that you might try: My god, she’s a Homestuck charecter. Also, if somepony seems to be claiming too much, maybe you ask them politely to step aside and give it to the next person in rotation.