Ruby finds out where Akari was sent using the Jewelpot and goes off with Labra to bring her back in between the Jewel Land and the Rarerare world. Ruby stays at the academy overnight studying, not telling Akari and Labra about it. At first the group can’t decide on a story but Akari offers to make a story involving all of their ideas and after some good advice from Akari’s pen she is able to make a great story that everyone likes. It was a Magic Hockey Match. Later on, she found Alma, Opal and Diana and had a little talk, saying that sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye but she needs to accept it. Upon finding out the truth and being inspired by how much her sister works she runs to where Yuuma is and confesses her feeling to him allowing the light in her Jewelcharm to return and brighter than ever. Although this is what they came back for after hearing her moms words as well as her little self Miria gets really upset and decides to fix the dress realizing her mom does care about her and the reason she loves singing so much is because of her mother.

When Yuuma was asked to play a basketball match,he tells Akari to come and watch. The spell ends up being too much for her and Alma gets the second orb into the statue winning the match. Back in Jewel Land battest completely envelops Alma and she swears that she’ll steal both Akari’s and Fealina’s magic scaring Diana. Will Akari’s mom patch things up for the both of them? Meanwhile Leon tries to stop Alma but is overpowered by her ice spell which she casts over the entire Jewel Land. Later on, she found Alma, Opal and Diana and had a little talk, saying that sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye but she needs to accept it.

But in the end, she dropped out of the competition and draw a manga short about Labra and Ruby.

Sapphie then appeared as she called Labra out, explaining that she is now watching over her as Peridot found her new partner. Though it goes well at first they are quickly put back in a slump and just when all seems lost Akari’s pen brings them all into their manga’s world where Ruby and Labra become their magician guides.

Akari and everybody in her class are at the beach. But Ruby was the only one that can’t cook.

Akari goes episoode and sees a boy that looks just like Yuuma named Alma. Meanwhile Leon tries to stop Alma but is overpowered by her ice spell which she casts over the entire Jewel Land. Akari follows her in an attempt to stop but they all end up going except for Labra.


Jewelpet Twinkle. 36. Alma et Yuma

Her transformation eventually dissolves because the lack of power from Ruby and Akari sees her sister getting scolded by the director much to her surprise. Akari arrives but Alma doesn’t let her say a word and casts her away along with Opal leaving Ruby and Labra behind. Despite their efforts it is revealed that Akari was mistaken and the jeeelpet just gave him that name because he had the same scar mark.

Ruby and Akari were looking for the and 1 night flowers to cure Akari’s shyness when they found out there’s none of them blooming. Upon hearing their scream everyone comes together to protect Akari And she manages to find Alma and yuuma along with Labra who are all unable to move.

After some encouragement from Ruby she decides to ask her sister about it. Everyone is now excited on the jeweopet, except Miria, who only has 11 Jewel Stones. She goes out and has decided to buy herself presents and make herself her own birthday party. By episodee this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Sulfur later asks them why they are helping Sara out and Akari explains that it must be lonely working by herself all the time and Sulfur decides to join her but quickly regrets it. The rest of the episoce arrives and twunkle to persuade Alma but she jeqelpet and Akari follows her and just as Alma was about to send her away to a place where she’ll never be found she stops and flees.

Much to Miria’s anger Leon finishes the task in 5 minutes and Sara finishes hers that day but Nicola and Akari have a bit of trouble with their task.

Later, Ruby and Akari go to class and learn that Labra has no partner of her own and she has some secret powers. They return back to their own time and iewelpet it turns out her mom was late because she had to pick up the dress she re-sized at the episoe for Miria. They later runin to another illumination and are saved by the arrival of Leon. This time they have to find an item called “Rainbow Pearl”, which is located deep in the bottom of the ocean.

Jewelpet twinkle – Episode 33 (VF) – Vidéo dailymotion

The second round’s theme was night dress. Alma sinks even deeper into sorrow and giant vines of battest trap her and Akari and Yuuma run inside to try to save her but they are taken to separate places by battest. When they wake up though they all think it was a dream but are re-energized and are able to finish the manga.

However Labula is missing and Ruby and Akari begin looking for her. Alma goes to the Rarerare world to find Yuuma and take him to Jewel Land. While making their potions, the Headmaster comes in and mixes both of their potions which creates chaos, while switching both Miria and Sara’s bodies. In the end she won the contest and gave Akari cookies that she made. Nicola and Titana end up getting into a fight and try to look for new partners. But got interrupted by one of the students offering Alma to join the Archery club.


Kohaku explains his motives to Leon and tells him that someone as perfect as him will never understand how he feels. Alma summons a ginormous spell but Sara doesn’t give up and tells Alma that she used to be like her and someone whose thrown everything away couldn’t possibly understand.

This time both Laiya and Leon were going to compete in a sword battle. After the graduation, Akari and her friends looked at Jewelina’s Castle by the lake side and she made 3 wishes: Everybody turned in their new spell potion except Miria and Sara. At first, Akari can’t understand her due to her Jewel Land Language, but Ruby eats a special candy so she can speak and understand human language. That night, Akari went to the Flower Shop where she and Fealina live, seeing them very happy as she went inside and had a talk to Alma.

jewelpet Twinkle. l’hésitation – Vidéo dailymotion

Diana herself told her that she made a promise to Alma before she went to the Human World that they will meet again. To complete the exam, she has to work with Sara and Miria to catch Tata, who has stolen the headmaster’s precious microphone.

Because of Miria’s kindness, Headmaster Moldavite gave her the twelfth and final Jewel Stone, allowing her to compete in the Jewel Star Grand Prix along with her friends. Akari later joins up with the rest and thanks to Sara’s experiment they find out about the true history of what happened but before Akari could tell Alma she figured out battest seal that was carved on Yuuma’s and her arms, Alma tries to break open the seal.

However she got a bit mad as she left Akari and went back home. She then showed Alma the picture she drew and made Alma remind about the good things as she cried and thanked her for it.