Today’s performers should remember in devising substitutions that the more unusual instruments were were selected for particular timbral qualities, which can still be maintained within a smaller range of more conventional choices. Many had pupils who were girls ranging in age from 8 or 10 to their teends. Mon 28 Jan There are no ensembles at all for the principal singers. Juditha conforms to this model in general terms, but with some interesting variations on the usual conventions: Juditha triumphans devicta Holofernis barbarie Judith triumphant over the barbarians of Holofernes , RV , is an oratorio by Antonio Vivaldi , the only survivor of the four that he is known to have composed. Juditha begins and ends with substantial choruses but was not provided with an opening sinfonia. These were particularly interesting to scholars and musicians because of their influence on J.

Please Visit Our Advertisers. With her city besieged by the enemy, Judith and her maid Abra secretly make their way to the camp of the general Holofernes to sue for peace. It was not, therefore, a work of the same ambitions as Vivaldi’s, nor did it have any immediate pertinence to political affairs. With readers in countries it has shown consistent growth, recently passing half a million page views on 1, stories by authors, the great majority of whom are members of MCANA. Views Read View source View history. Giacomo Cassetti, the librettist of the Vivaldi work, had at least two other oratorios to his credit.

Perhaps we know more about his music and perhaps there is more to discover about his life.

While in its reliance on core strings violins, violas, cellos Juditha triumphans is straightfoward in its instrumental requirements, the obbligati extend to unusual bowed strings viola d’amoreplucked strings mandolin, four theorboesand woodwinds. One of the reasons that Juditha triumphans is so infrequently performed may well be due to the difficulty of assembling these instruments and even deciding what some of them are.

Like the more modern oratorios of its time, it has no narrator but tells the story entirely through the words and actions of its characters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Holofernes falls in love with her, and, after giving a feast in her honor, he falls into a drunken sleep.

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Upon their arrival they were required to spend a month in quarantine, from which they emerged at staggered points throughout December. Judith sang only twice. Vivaldi cycles through them as the story unfolds. After supper, when drowsiness and the effects of wine, thanks to divine clemency, had driven Holofernes into a stupor, she manfully cut off his head with his own sword, and Bethulia the city triumphed, with rejoicing, over its fierce enemy.


A consort of five viols 2 treble viols, 2 violas da gamba, and a violone are called for one in recitativo accompagnato. The Jews then attack and drive away the leaderless and demoralized Assyrians. Missing from the score is the customary opening sinfonia; it is uncertain judittha one ever juditya because no known instrumental work by Vivaldi seems to be a natural companion for this work in content, key signature, or style.

Click here to help Classical Voice North America resound! Best known as a Vivaldi specialist …. The oboe often signaled death, while the organ had ushered lost souls into the Underworld in Renaissance performances of tragedies. This time he is accompanied by his own ensemble, La Cetra Barockorchester Basel.

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The Venetian Arsenal prepared several new galleys. Please Visit Our Advertisers. In some cases, however, it is not so clear exactly what instruments Vivaldi wants. Read more about Andrea Marcon.

The population resisted the occupation and, in August, Venice signed an alliance uuditha the Holy Roman Emperor. Kuditha Juditha triumphans is full of tender, affective writing. This page was last modified on 17 Marchat The orchestra contains many amazing and beautiful instruments – baroque clarinets, a gamba consort, a viola d’amore, chalumeau, four theorbos and even a baroque mandolin!

Under the leadership of the general Holofernes, the Assyrians lay siege to the town of Bethulia and are about to conquer it. In such a simplistic account the characters of Judith and Holofernes are easily contrasted.


Help Us Grow Support quality coverage of the performing arts. The first four works in the collection were The Four Seasons, which have become, probably, the best known and most played compositions from the baroque repertoire. Abra offers thanks to God huditha the defeat of Holofernes.

Floris Visser Stage director Floris Visser has rapidly gained international recognition as one of the leading talents of the next generation of opera directors.

With readers in countries it has shown consistent growth, recently synipsis half a million page views on 1, stories by authors, the great majority of whom are members of MCANA. In he was in Milan and in in Rome.


Vivaldi Juditha Triumphans

The work is in two parts, between which audiences of the time might either hear a sermon or be given a break for food and drink.

Holofernes takes this as a sign that the Bethulians want to beg for their survival. He coaxes from the musicians … a sensual polish. The organ parts, as well as those of the other instruments are all performed by the young women.

Their performance is surprisingly good What their part lacks in quantity there are only six choruses in the entire work is made up for in quality, as they sing one of the most beautiful pieces in the whole oratorio, the mystical prayer which ends Part I.

An English traveller wrote in As Judith returns to Bethulia at sunrise Ozias and the Bethulians gives thanks for the great victory, and hail Judith – beautiful and undefeated. All of the unusual instruments play a symbolic role in the soundscape of the overall narrative. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

This work was an allegorical description of the victory of the Venetians the Christians over the Turks in August An all-female choir sings the parts of the Assyrian soldiers and of the Bethulian women. Judith asks Abra to leave and to seal the tent, and allow no-one inside. Orchestra of the Antipodes. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

This editions of Juditha triumphans was first used by Venice Baroque, whose performances may be available here.

In April, we met in Washington, D. Francesco GaspariniVivaldi’s first superior there, was among the oratorio composers, as were Carlo Francesco Pollarolo c.

Judith, with her maid Abra, asks triu,phans safe passage as a messenger of peace. Retrieved from ” https: Sparks flew between him and Sally-Anne Russell as Juditha. Typically for oratorios performed at the Ospedali, Juditha triumphans is in Latin.