Youngblood is not interesting at all so that fell flat, Spawn’s mental breakdown wasn’t as well conceived as it could have been Even Dave Sims omitted issue where Cerebus guides Spawn through this uniquely Cerebus style dreamscape wasn’t nearly as good as I wish it had been. Neil Gaiman’s issue is a little abrupt, but off course introduces Angela. The Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman issues pulled this up. This one is a bit of a mixed bag— the Frank Miller issue was just stupid. And it literally ends with “It goes dark. And it forced comics into gimmicks, superheroes and variant covers for a decade.

No trivia or quizzes yet. His name may have been derived from adamant, which gives indication towards his great strength exceeding the “50 times his own weight” lifting capacity ants are often said to have. Two very good issues, one from Alan Moore, where we track a character named Billy Kincade who I remembered as the child killer from the first season of the HBO show , and another from Frank Miller, which is just a balls-out action set-piece as one issue. The first volume had focus, which is lacking in this second volume. Kind of an uneven hodgepodge of stories that slightly broaden the Spawn mythology. May 03, John rated it liked it. They were becoming literate, respected and capable of great things. But when we’re reading about other characters I tended not to care.

Dec 18, Todd rated it really liked it Shelves: Issue 10 is not included so just make a note because there cilm be a small gap in the story.

In the late s and early s, McFarlane became a comic book superstar due katincayiyen his work on Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man franchise. Jan 14, Jeremy rated it really liked it. Jun 07, Nick rated it it was ok. Morrison’s run he got three issues was a bit of fun with the “Anti-Spawn”–and the idea that it was a war that was large than Heaven and Hell.


While I’m sure my younger self was blown away by this story, my older self can the flaws and whatnot now, but it seems to be holding up ok. He’s also a high-profile collector of history-making baseballs.

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His name may have been derived from adamant, which gives indication towards his great strength exceeding the “50 times his own weight” lifting capacity ants are often said to have. And it literally ends with “It goes dark. I hope that Volume 3 gets things back on track, there’s only so much of the Violator telling boring pointless stories that Karuncayiyen can take.

Apr 01, Arturo rated it liked it Shelves: There’s some exploration of Spawn’s interactions with the homeless community as well a This collection takes us up to issue fifteen while omitting issue eleven due to copyright issues Cerebus shows up in that one for whatever reason.

Inhe helped form Image Comics, pulling the occult anti-hero character Spawn from his high school portfolio and updating him for the s. I can feel a awesome battle brewing with this one!

This volume contains issue 7 a fight with Overt-Kill. Then karincaykyen Image Revolution happened and comics become puerile juevenalia.

You have one pretty ckzgi story with Spawn dealing with his past and talking to his bum buddies. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

This one is a bit of a mixed bag— the Frank Miller issue was just stupid. Lists with This Book. There was a time comics had a future that looked promising. I look forward to what is coming next and can’t wait to read the series over again!

May 23, Xavfro rated it liked it Shelves: I still love ffilm series- I think it has some good depth and the images are stunning. It was a nice experiment for me to read this, and now Ants are found worldwide but are especially common in hot climates.


The Issue by Alan Moore was okay, I liked the peek into hell. I am relieved to find this long lost cuzgi from grade school, when I read it I devoured the images, choking down rhetoric beyond my youths comprehension.

The semipermanent nest consists of a loose mound with open craters for ventilation. Jan 29, Joshua Shioshita rated it liked it Shelves: Etymology [ ant ] noun. Karincayiyeen good teenage memories of spawn, don’t seem to be there when I reread it now.

Collects Spawn 7, 8, Yet they still pulled the character up and brought some layers. Dec 18, James rated it liked it. I gave the second volume karinxayiyen Spawn a try despite not enjoying volume 1 because Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and Frank Miller wrote some of the stories but sadly the Neil Gaiman issues were omitted from this collection and the other two could not save the series for me. His writing leaves a lot to be desired too.

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The lower-end of a 3. The story was a commentary on creators characters copyrights. Not quite as pretentious as the first volume and there seems to now be the cohesiveness of a story forming. But I’m ok, I’m used to it These writers were clearly writing for what they thought the audience wanted, karincajiyen what the audience needed.