Keroro Killed The Radio Star! Frog anime series, originally titled as Keroro Gunso , is a Japanese television series produced and animated by Sunrise Inc. Giroro feels the call of nature but falls off a cliff, Tamama finds someone with who to train and ends up injured and Keroro ends lost in the woods with a dog. After reading a fairy tale about colorful ogres, Keroro hatches a plan to acquire the ultimate power of the Hinata house. When Natsumi finds out, the platoon runs for it, but later gets caught by Dororo in a trap. Shukumei no Taiketsu de Arimasu ” Japanese: Luckily he’s saved by the girl he met. The three of them are saved by a strange woman that rings a bell.

After Tamama tells her what happened in the previous episode, Momoka decides to take everyone on a trip to her ski resort. The following is a list of various characters in the fictional universe of the anime and manga series Sgt. Keroro Gunso Episode English Subbed. And also it haves a lyrics of song Ding Dong Senjou no Cake. Meanwhile, Keroro becomes jealous of Tamama when he discovers that his subordinate has been living a very pampered life at Momoka’s mansion. Tamama and Fuyuki help him think of ways he can leave the house without drawing too much attention, given that he is an alien. List of Keroro Gunso episodes. Keroro Platoon, Start the Colourful Operation!

Saigo no Oshigotojin de Arimasu ” Japanese: Saturday, November 6, Have a Laugh! Com HD I hope you enjoy! She ultimately tries to pretend that she is drowning so that Fuyuki can save her and give her CPRbut Fuyuki reveals that he doesn’t know how to swim. Things don’t go as planned when Karara ends up destroying Keroro’s, Giroro’s, Kululu’s, and Dororo’s possessions by accident.

Mois Battle Clash” Transcription: Second is from 3rd season about teacher. Keroro Gunso Episode Feb 19.


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Pururu is so cute! They’ll fighting on cake and get gunsoo house for one! Jerseyman Fuyuki ” Japanese: They go to the deepest part where Fuyuki offers to go himself.

The Last Worker” Transcription: Dororo, Saburo and Tamama find Mois beating up people and head to the Hinata’s house to investigate. Momoka gets a complete makeover to make Fuyuki like her more. Prayboy magazine is in capboard.

Keroro, Return to My Original Intention!

Retrieved from ” https: They disguise themselves as aliens, and explore the city. Uso Yyappa Yamete de Arimasu ” Japanese: After reading a fairy tale about colorful ogres, Keroro hatches a plan ghnso acquire the ultimate power of the Hinata house. Around them are the human figures that help them understand earth’s culture. When Natsumi hears of Giroro trying to get a hobby, she teaches him that a hobby is what interests you the most.

Momoka angrily attacks Tamama, but Keroro arrives and saves keroto before the seemingly helpless Tamama snaps and counterattacks with his laser breath. Posted by Radekiman at 6: In keroroo A, Koyuki asks Natsumi for a challenge to deepen their friendship, Keroro suggests a tennis match and that who ever loses has to curl their hair into an afro.

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Keroro and Giroro want a Christmas Cake, but the borderline don’t make sense. Maboroshi no Keron hei de Arimasu ” Japanese: In part A, Giroro trains the platoon in the mountains, while Natsumi and Koyuki enjoy a school trip to the lake. The platoon goes to the rescue only to fail miserably for the lack of a fifth member.

Keroro and Natsumi get into a heated debate over a very small problem. Meanwhile, Fuyuki is stalked by Momoka, a girl who had come across Private Tamama, one of Keroro’s platoon members.


First is Dororo, The Big Chance! In part A, Keroro takes Fuyuki and Natsumi on a trip to the moon, while also hoping to quietly ditch his invasion deadline countdown.

A power failure in the middle of the summer leaves everyone heat stroked. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kululu inspires his fellow invaders when he mysteriously starts helping out around the Hinata house.

Nininsanyaku de Arimasu ” Japanese: That’s all what I want to say about. Fuyuki opens a closet, and falls into a hole along with Natsumi, leading to a secret city called “Alien street”. This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat He doesn’t decide of anything, but this ring is controling his mind to decide the plan.

You will find all episodes that you watched already. Giroro blasts off on a mission to find medicine, but first he must defeat a three-headed space monster. Death Note Parody Ep 3: Keroro is messing the train Don’t make a mess.

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. In part A, Keroro loses his voice, and his friends go overboard trying to dub in his dialogue. When Keroro and use space food theirs taste like old wax when mama helped them they end up winning. In an attempt to hastily write a report on Earth children, Keroro keforo himself as a teacher and spends the day with Fuyuki’s and Momoka’s class.