So, it is better to drown myself to death. You will ride an elephant with food supplies, and if you cannot catch up with me, you will be punished! Forest has a lot of advantages for humanity even if the forest does not have arms, legs help direct indirect, but more specific The results discussed Van Nila yesterday at the Ministry of Culture. When will you let the Chinese scholars have a riddle with us? In the field Kpop has been observed that there is a grea

The pounded rice is a lot already,’ she consoled him. Go and find cock to fight with rriine. One day, when the official was supervising his men at work, his house caught fire. So, they went to inform the King about what had happened. Even if it is only two or three days, they are still considered as the period of two years because one day is in the previous year and another day is in the new coming year. The astrologer interpreted, ‘The creature weeps means that bad something will happen in our Kingdom.

The King also wanted to understand the meaning of the riddles. You can take back the remaining junk to use as transportation back to your Kingdom, and I will not take your Kingdom as our colony.

Khmer old movie, Thoun Chey

Then the King continued to tell the Venerable monk Chey, ‘The scholars from China are coming to compete with us through a riddle contest in the purpose of colonizing our Kingdom.

If you want to fine them, it should be just only one Bart unit of money at that time, which was equal to 4 Sleungs in which I Sleung was equal to 20 cents, and it also has another meaning as a begging rice bowl of a Buddhist monk.


And now I would like to inform all of you that whenever you need to make a trip through the waterways, all of you shall inform me first so that I can charge your trip through the river and creeks. Why did you insult the senior monk chief? On the way, the horse defecated.

រឿង ធនញ្ជ័យ​, Thoun Chey, Khmer Movie, ភាគទី​ ០៥

Send him back to his own Kingdom is a good solution. Chey, I told you to live and grow rice near the river, but why have you been doing so? The women were so furious that they went to thouh to the King. There is no doubt that I would not be able to answer the riddle, and it is obvious that the King would kill me afterwards.

Did I tell you to use a Bart a rice bowl of monk to collect the money from the people? When they emerged, they made sound a hence usually makes and said, ‘I hatched one egg’ and they brought the eggs to the King.

You must work indoors instead. If you can, I will give you some money. What is it called?

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When he saved enough money, he bought rice to make Num Banh Chok Cambodian traditional noodle and gave it to Chinese people it. Meanwhile, the kids were reading loudly and it was impossible to understand what they were reading about. They would have riddle for Khmer scholars to answer. The official exclaimed, ‘There were a lot of things that should have been taken, why did you take such nests of hence and chicken? I even made a sail and used a gaff to pole it as Your Majesty can see.


When will you let the Chinese scholars have a riddle with us? The official told the King, ‘Your Majesty, I have a cunning boy who is very skillful in lying and cannot be outwitted. Therefore, I should bring him to serve His Majesty the King. About Me Kbal Thom Kdey. If Khmer scholars could find the right answers to the riddle, the King of China would provide the junks together with all crew members on board to the Khmer Empire. If anyone does not have a horse, they will be punished.

THUN CHEY pointed out, ‘When the Chinese scholar made his arms like a circle, he wanted to ask, ‘what are there in the five continents,’ and I showed him my flexing muscle to tell him that there was Siddhartha Gautama Buddha in the center.

If you don’t know it, it means you lose because you are not able to identify this script.

I love her with all my heart. When I was cleaning mess, there were a lot of webs of spiders on my head; so, I insulted those spiders.

When thoum pointed to the earth, it means what are there on earth? But all the cows are considered as my wives.

I will outwit him to my heart’s content. The time passed by.

The Chinese scholars brought three watermelons into the royal hall. The Chinese scholars made his arms like a circle. Kbal Thom Kdey