So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all she wants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle Club. A few of the characters were almost identical. I was excited about reading this as an ARC. For a KA book, it’s a pretty quick read, and I tore through it in a day, so there’s that. I now realize this whole biker scene is a vortex which is nearly impossible to pull yourself out of once you begin, but before I knew that I already had Own the Wind on hold at the liburrrrrrry Kindle version only because Find all of my reviews at: This book kept me invested from beginning to finish, without the typical wordiness or over descriptive prose.

All in all, I wasn’t impressed but I also didn’t feel like I completely wasted a couple of hours. It was more intoxicating than any liquor, a high better than any fucking drug. Before putting herself on the line as their informant, providing information on her now ex Throttle’s MC, Rosie first appeared in Own the Wind , as Shy Cage’s ex-girlfriend. Want to Read saving…. View all 70 comments. Done with her ex.

Or rather connected to it way less than the other ones in the series.

The Final Ride

So I guess I didn’t like it much, given that I was bored a ashely of the time with nothing much happening, and I’m not a Keely fan. Was it my favorite KA book? That safe place is me, Tabby. But in the end, it only brings them closer together as a couple. Aug 09, Viollar rated it did not like it.


Kristen Ashley

I loved Keely and Hound so so much! It was just a rambling series of mundane events in the life of a couple. I’ve loved her since high school, man. It was just so cute. Still just as awesome – and sober this time So yeah, I suggest reading the Dream Man books first click here for the full reading order.

Hound in particular has been there a lot for Keely and her two sons. If you haven’t read this book. I tkebl it so much!

Own the Wind (Chaos, #1) by Kristen Ashley

Other than that, I really liked this one. Keely was the instigator, and I think Hound took one too many blows to the head for him to get the fact that she wants him, not the sainted Black.

It was just OK. That said, the whole Tab scene at the beginning and the bestie friends with Tab and Shy at the end was stupid, and unrealistic, and unnecessary IMO.

My man, came riding on his Harley, wearing his scuffed boots and his tight leathers. She has a troubled life as a teenager with wanting to go out and party, one of the “brothers” Shy is on rescue duty aka Tabby Callout. I enjoyed the sexy times and was able to breeze past some parts I didn’t like. Where all the men are brothers, the women are referred to as bitches or old ladies.

Her luck changed for the better when without choice she became a part of Chaos.


And yet, she manages to break down the barriers. For Rock Chick Revolution And ends with a wonderful epilogue, which was just the cherry on top of this beautiful story. I didn’t particularly like her or her mum. To say Ride Steady took me on a roller-coaster ride of emotions is to say the least, and I loved every minute of it!

Kristfn, Colorado United States.

Apologies in advance for the following mini rant. And when they finally came together View all 58 comments. This couple faced a slew of uphill battles that had me anxious. Why can’t i find a book about Rush?? To ask other readers questions about Rough Rideplease sign up.

First one w I really wanted to love this more, but let’s just get this out of the way.

Mar 07, Lalaland marked it as to-read. I know some of you have already seen it before but still, it’s worth looking at again. This is a second chance romance, between the popular cheerleader who was in the mean girls gang although, she was never a mean girl and the sexy troubled loner who all the girls lusted after.

Serids hot to handle