Honey and Sweetheart HelloSushizzy. There’s a lot more than meets the eye. Feb 7, to? Kubera doesn’t have the strongest story, in my opinion. Plus, she has a lot of strength. There’s also a mysterious phrase, “the power of the name”, which involves humans being named after gods. According to several commenters, the translation isn’t that good. One day, when she came back to home, she found out that high-rank Suras wiped out the town.

Leez and Asha find him rescuing a “half” half Sura, half human and he eventually joins their group. Are you fluent in more than one language and interested in translating comics? Edit Synopsis In a world with gods having everlasting lives, suras who possess unrivaled power, and humans who caught helplessly in between, a girl with a god’s name, Kubera, is born—a girl who is prophesied to bring great change into the world. I think Currygom the creator said that they used photos as part of the backgrounds for the cities, and it looked really cool! Even I have to admit it feels kind of wonky and unnatural, at least at first. The magic has its own grading system like I’ve never seen, and the same goes with the magician’s rankings. He can’t speak, and mainly communicates through a notebook.

Ghost Slappers Mad Sparrow. Plus, she has a lot of mwnhwa. Kubera has one of the best built worlds I’ve seen since Harry Potter, and that’s saying something.

Instead, we’re mainly getting glimpses into the future, and trying to figure out the deal behind the “power of the name”. However, unknown to Leez, but fully known to Asha, he’s a Sura half born from two different clans in a human guise. Wikipedia Manhsa Background No background information has been added to this title. ChickieWillarv All reviews 36 people found this review helpful. Brilith is the red haired woman in the picture; she summoned Agni when she kuberz a child, reducing her lifespan by a lot.


Under The Stars Rigiroony.

The downside to the fantastic world building is that there is a lot of text. As I said, the world building is the best part of the Webtoon to me. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Naver Webtoon Statistics Score: The-Internet All reviews 3 people found this review helpful. But it took me too much time to get into, and is slow paced, even for me. It’s very detailed writing, and doesn’t have many, if any, plot holes.

manhwq You are commenting using your Twitter account. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: When Kubera’s peaceful village meets its fiery end, a mysterious magician named Asha comes to her rescue.

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It’s also implied that she has potential to be one of the most powerful magicians. According to several commenters, the translation isn’t that good. By far my favorite part. But from what I’ve seen of season 2, it improves even more, and now I really like it! Overall 10 Story maanhwa Art 8 Character 9 Enjoyment Everything changes xeason her 16th birthday when the village is destroyed, and she gets taken in by Asha, an enigmatic and unfriendly mage.

Fan translation info This is a list of fan translated languages. Subscribed to your list Unsubscribed for your list You can subscribe up to titles for Webtoon. It’s likely the translation, but I just didn’t care for the writing.


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Even I have to admit it feels kind of wonky and unnatural, at least at first. Then there’s Asha, the blue haired one. They all have hidden depths. These are very colorful characters, each one memorable in their own ways.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Sesson a form of comic strip designed to be easily read on mobiles, Webtoons quickly evolved to incorporate elements of Manwha Korean Manga.

Edit Manga Information What would you like to edit? Leez and Asha find him rescuing a “half” half Sura, half human and he eventually joins their group.


But despite her happy, cheerful demeanor, it’s shown that the loss of her village has broken her in some way, possibly helping to lead up to her bleak future. The author’s blog is routinely updated with new manhsa about the world and the characters; it contains major spoilers for those who have not caught up with the story yet. It’s mainly a journey, and about the strange people Leez and Asha encounter.

She lives in a world where humans, gods, and Suras powerful beings all exist.