She saved a woman from the magician, so the magician tried to kill her instead. The clarified butter is good too. What are you doing? Sister, what shall we do now? The moment the oil turn boiling hot, I can fry very well. Honestly Prasad, I accept you as my teacher. Tell me, what else do you want?

I declare that I wish to represent ” Sameer Athalye “. Look Gauri, you should worry. What wrong have we done, that you didn’t react to the calamities? Natli navri mal ganga top 8 mal ganga bhakti songs marathi songs chhagan chougule. Uncle had paid me to assault Gauri. Sarva Line Vyasta Aahet Dir.

Your husband left for studies a day after your wedding. Gauri, where had you been?

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Thanks for helping us out. Nothing can happen to you. Claim this page on cinestaan. It’s true that they ate. He has changed and so have his chants.

Spirits are my kin and the crematorium is my malgang ground. You need to be alive for the same. She shouldn’t be left alone. What is this, Goddess?


Mal Ganga Aai

Serve them good food. Look she is here.

No one would have married me then. She separated my husband from me. Let the treasure come out. And worms in the food. I was talking about the morsel you offered me in the evening. I am gorging on everything. Was it you Renu? But, Full stay with my in-laws.

I mean black magic. Gauri, he hasn’t changed. Come out, let me show you. One has to bear the fruit of his acts. I am leaving mom. Give them offerings, sincerely. Activity Activity Annotations Notes Edits.

I am saying this.

I am going to sacrifice her! Why should you ask her? This is milk from the Kanhaiya’s. I was blinded with the greed for the hidden wealth. You should cook food.

kundmaulk Saati aasra shree renuka bhakti geete baliram pujari. Are you planning to marry her into this house? What should we do? But I like her.


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What are your expectations? You are carrying someone else’s child. Aunt, look at this! Our Gauri has given birth to a baby boy.

I couldn’t feed him. She is a very good girl. Goddess, people take an oath to beget children. I will not spare you.

Do take care of Gauri. Then, on the night of new moon, come to the place I ask you to. I was malgana that, after two days is the feast. So when are you planning to fulfill the votive? They got married right under your nose.