Unknown October 29, at 1: Now it’s time for a massive edit and I think it’s time to do a revised list! Remembering how her grandfather saved her before crying over her inability to become a Kyoryuger like him, Yayoi finds herself being frozen by Debo Hyogakki who reveals his revenge-driven Freeze-cry Tactic. Though Dogold unaffected by the attack at first as he enters Pteraiden-Oh, Utsusemimaru manages to break Dogold from the inside as Pteraiden-Oh is purified. Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Teen superhero television programs Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Superhero television programs Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The other Kyoryugers arrive, exposing Canderrilla’s monster Debo Kantokku who is acting in a Deboth Army scheme to target men in love. The next day, the dinosaur exhibit ends with Gabutyra posing as Amy and Nobuharu understand Daigo well now. The series ties in with the arcade game Kamen Rider Battle:

I could always talk about how I think Bandora is funnier than Rita Repulsa — yet one can’t deny that she’s also scarier and more cruel at the same time? Jason Gibson June 9, at Luckily, Amy comes to Yayoi’s aid with the others joining in as Daigo actually leaves the hospital. Don Horror wants to dominate the whole universe, and the Earth represents an obstacle that he has to overcome by turning it into heaven for all evil. Member feedback about Ai Orikasa: Member feedback about Kiyoyuki Yanada:

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By then, Amy and Yayoi arrive with an idea to save Meeko nihoon the combined melody of all ten Kyoryugers. Having heard enough, Souji runs off into the bamboo forest where Zakutor is before Amy gives him a DeinoChaser Zyudenchi at Daigo’s suggestion. The two agree that they should help each other, and they trade Zyudenchi to fight in tandem. Title Original airdate He’s Here!

Kyoryuger Episode 33.5 “This Is Brave! Frontier Of Fighting!”

Souji catches up to Rin to set things straight and to explain that he nihln his friends a lot for helping him become a more open person than he used to be. Defeated by Torin as he begs them to run away from him, the Kyoryugers learn from Chaos that Torin is actually a member of the Deboth Army who betrayed their creator. Telling Amy, Souji epsiode learns that Daigo, Ian, and Nobuharu have similar nightmares of Luckyulo kyoryyuger as a girl and sicking people on them. The series’ main characters made a cameo appearance in the film Zy Member feedback about Space Sheriff Gavan: Using the Stymero Zyudenchi to make him fall in love with her, Amy tricks Debo Viruson to follow her out.


Looks like I made some mistakes during checkoff last night. However, the victory is short lived, as Pteragordon arrives and attacks the Nihpn.

The next day, Nobuharu finds Daigo restoring the wooden sculpture and learns that he went to his Zyudenryu Stegotchi to learn how Rika got attacked by the Zorima before Nobuharu saved his niece.

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Ryusoul Red, Ridewatch revealed! Though they corner Luckyulo, the Kyoryugers find the Frozen Palace dpisode with Chaos, Dogold, and Aigallon emerging alongside a conscious Canderrilla. Finally awakened, as Dogold meets up with the other knights, Deboth overwhelms Raiden Kyoryuzin before cancelling its formation.

He attempts to crush him before Canderrilla and Aigallon convince him to let their ally go.

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However, Kyoryu Gray explains that Bragigas’s resting place is in hell as Torin reveals how during the battle with Deboth creating the Land Majin Gadoma who killed the Guardians. List of superhero productions created by Toei topic Toei Superheroes are superhero shows produced by Toei Company Ltd. Souji and Amy transform and save Mitsuhiko from the monster, and as Souji drives the confused Debo Zaihodoron off, Mitsuhiko, who has had a change of heart about his jealousy and selfishness, calls out to Amy.

Meanwhile, Torin’s search for Pteragordon brings him to the amusement park where Nobuharu is. BTW, anyone know why that member of Golden Bomber always wears that makeup?

While gv went to a College of Art, Nihon University, he started his career as a stage actor, but after he moved to Mausu Promotion, his current agency, he came to focus on voice acting.

Member feedback about Body swap appearances in media: Before Torin can explain about the land’s light, the Kyoryugers see Deboth appearing and are barely able to destroy him with Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin this time around.

After “Torii” scolds Souji for his actions towards his parents, he convinces them to stop fighting kuoryuger allow Souji to choose his own path in life. Kyoryuzin is formed to take on the Giant Zorima that has joined the skirmish, but is overwhelmed when an enlarged Jakireen joins the fray.


James Spiring November 12, at Luckily, he is saved by Kyoryu Violet who reveals that Plezuon has entered their undersea base before he tells Kyoryu Red to aid his friends as they escape the Zetsumates. Sean Akizuki November 12, at 1: Cyberpunk television series Revolvy Kyoryugrr revolvybrain God complexes in fiction Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Death games in fiction Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. While the others end up in an argument, Daigo finds himself in Torin’s Spirit Base and informs the curious deity of the amber pendant he got from his father.

Music video for the opening theme too! Episdoe once taking Yuuji to his house, Utsusemimaru finds the boy replaced by an adorable Debo Monster named Debo Kyawaeen. Eventually, Daigo and the others are alerted to their friends in danger and find Chaos’s elite soldier Cambrima who has Souji and Amy captive. Nobuharu pleads with Canderrilla her to free the men she captured, and when she asks why, Nobuharu explains that he believes that there is some good in her.

Preferable if timer knew Japanese, but not required.

While Ian, Nobuharu, Souji, and Amy pass after respectively suffering the attacks Ovirappoo, Igeranodon, Archenolon, and Gurumonite Zyudenchi, they find Daigo was subjected to all four Zyudenchi at once and passed his test first. Member feedback about Yasuhiro Takato: Before leaving, Kyoryu Gray gives him the chance to prove his worth to him at the Dusk Forest.

However, Daigo follows and gets Ian to open up and reveals how he was a treasure hunter until the day his best friend Shiro Mifune was murdered by a cloaked figure resembling Debo Doronboss when they were looking for a rare stone. With the Deboth Army down to Canderrilla and Luckyulo, the Kyoryugers are told to find the two despite them kyoryufer nearly harmless. Ganbaride, with Kamen Riders Decade and Diend using cards resembling those used in the game to transform and access various weapons.