He whipped around quickly, only to see the still silhouettes of oddly shaped cacti on the horizon. Still, Brent regretted his decision immensely as he drained the last dregs of warm water out of his canteen. Hayo, siapa yang nungguin after story-nya Have You Seen? What am… what am I doing? Seorang gadis cantik bertubuh ramping tengah bersusah payah menyeret dua koper besarnya menuju anak tangga yang tampak menjulang tinggi dihadapannya, ini adalah hari pertama baginya untuk memulai hidup baru sebagai seorang mahasiswi yang harus menetap disebuah asrama yang disediakan khusus oleh pihak kampus. Half Human Half Vampire Author: It was empty, and Sans approached it cautiously, slipping behind it to inspect it.

Dan seperti biasa part terakhir akan selalu aku protect. Please do not forget me. Skip to content A story by Soshinism —— Rating: The white shirt was torn to shreds, splattered with blood. Promise me… will you not? It was him , but with a massive hole in his skull with cracks running off it. The desert trek had worn him out.

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Oneshot 3, words Cast: Sans stepped back, arms raised to fanfjction himself. Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Hurt Rating: Mystery of MyungDong No.

Masih aktif tapi paling satu minggu sekali aku buka.

Nevertheless, night fell quickly, both the high winds and the temperature dying down. He whipped around quickly, only to see the still silhouettes of oddly shaped cacti on the horizon. Never go to a party by ScaryStoriesAreMyLife reviews A teenager goes to a party fanfition permission and regrets it all.


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Clearly, this was not his universe; he had to figure out where the hell he was. Tell me you will save my friends and myself from this wretched place. Skip to content A story by Soshinism —— Rating: Sayang, kedua orangtuanya tidak bisa mengantarnya karena saat ini mereka sedang berada di Nagoya. The noises increased in volume and the shadowy cacti moved closer.

And all it takes is a PokeDex to discover some of its most disturbing secrets It was bound shut with thick vines, and as Sans walked closer to inspect it bulged forward. No one here deserves what has happened to our home. Fuck, there was even snow in his pelvic girdle! RomanceKyyuoungSemi Yadong?

This site uses cookies. Untuk itu dia mempersiapkan latihan keras agar bisa menang di kompetisi itu. Dengan melanjutkan menggunakan situs web ini, Anda setuju dengan penggunaan mereka. Ignoring his nagging thirst and hunger, Brent laid down on a sleeping bag his fandiction made sure he packed. Your review has been posted. Sans waits for a solid minute before slowly backing away, turning around once he was a good 10 steps away. He was sure this designated one of the ends of the desert, and was sure it would lead him to fanfiftion end eventually.


Jika ada kesamaan cerita harap mention di facebook Andria Chuyleez Minoz atau twitter chuyleezluvsuju. So sit down, relax and turn on your horrlr, it will get scary!


Story Story Writer Forum Community. He shot up and looked around. He walked and walked, traversing the desert in hopes for finding someone of something that could help him get back to stable ground. The End and The Beginning. Killer by FantasyLuver4evah reviews A young girl wakes up to her home being invaded. This content is password hororr.

Dan seperti biasa part terakhir akan selalu aku protect. Kalau dihitung — hitung FF ini sudah hampir setahun semenjak Vampire Blood rilis. Apa kau akan mati dalam keadaan sakit, kecelakaan atau seseorang yang bernafsu menghabisi nyawamu. Kyuyong then did Sans notice the huge axe he held in his hand. Knock on my door by ScaryStoriesAreMyLife reviews A women just moves in to new town and a old man knows everything about her.

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Like Brent, they didn’t see it coming. She performed horrod aegyo perfectly, completing the performance with cute expressions and hand motions. Filled with unease, Brent tried futilely to get rest.